D'addario Slowound SW2000-5

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  1. I visited a store in Utrecht, the Netherlands, during my lunchbreak today, and they had these strings..

    D'addario Nickel Slowound SW2000-5

    I had never seen them before, but the clerk told me that they are pretty much the best strings available.. or as he said it : " the Rolls Royce amongs bass-strings "

    What's the deal here ? these strings are about twice as expensive as my Slinky's..

    How do they sound ?
    And this " tapered B-string ".. what's that ?

    :confused: :confused:
  2. virtual.ray


    Oct 25, 2000
    Yes,they are good strings."Tapered" refers to thfact that the windings are thinner on the last few centimeters of the string on the ball end.On thicker strings such as a low B,this allows better intonation.BTW,I spent a year or so in your country,and have been to Utrecht as well as most of the other cities.Nice place!
  3. IMO, Slowounds are the best strings on the market. The B is tapered where it goes over the saddle. They are "sweeter" sounding, and last a long time. Also, they still sound good when they start dying. I get 4-5 months out of a set, I believe Bruce Linfield gets longer. They are not a very bright string, rather they are fat and warm, and I love them.

  4. I have to agree with you, Marty. They are very balanced, and very stable. I have a set on my Ibanez Musician. Lately though, I've kind of fallen for Dean Markly Blue Steels. (they're actually nickel plated)
    They're about 2 steps brighter than the slowounds, but, still have that balance from string to string. I put a set on my Casady as an experiment, now I have a set on my Yamaha 5. If you want to try something that's in the slowound's ball park, Deans are a good choice.

    Mike J.
  5. I just put a 4 string set of Slowounds (.50-.105) on my Peavey and my initial impression is that they're great. They may be just what I was looking for in a string. The nickel feels a bit weird to me though.. I've been using stainless steel sets for the past year. I'm sure I'll get over that.
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    Slowounds - I like 'em.
  7. Pea-NUT


    Jul 1, 2001
    Jerseyville, IL
    I just got SW3000-5
    Iam very satisfied. They are great strings, i got 2 sets. The one i opened had an extra G string. :D
    My uncle is a luthier, he hooked me up real good.