D'Addario vs. DR Handmade vs. Warwick

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by ikickuintheballs, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. Which would you say would sound best on my warwick? I'm leaning towards the D'Addario's b/c I used them most.. but I have to find the right gauges. Would the Warwick strings sound better on the Warwick than other brands?
  2. ColForbs


    Jul 21, 2001
    well...I guess it has to do w/ your personal tastes...I did not like the DR's or the Warwick strings. (I play a FNA 5)...my most recent set of strings are Ken Smith Rock Bottom(or something like that) md-light....these strings feel real good on the bass and sound great.
  3. I love DR strings, they are great.
    I use hi-beams for all-around stuff and lo-riders for funk and slap stuff. Great tone and long life.
    The only bad thing about DR strings is the price.
    I talked to a session player who works where I get all my bass stuff and he say's that DR are probably the highest quality string but thay can cause you're wallet to take a beating.
    What do you play?
    If you're looking for a good metal sound go for the DR's. Ryknow from Mudvayne uses Hi-Beams with his Warick and it sounds unreal.