D'Addario XL Half Rounds

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  1. Anyone else give these a spin? I was told to watch for these by a guy at D'Addario last Spring as he thought they would smoke my other strings....

    Well, I got an email just before Christmas from a different guy at D'Addario asking my if I'd like to try the reissued Nickel groundwounds out. I looked it over and it seemed the "D" string seemed a little higher tension for the set and that the 060 looked to be a better match, but whatever...

    D'Addario XL Half Rounds Warm/Bright Semi-Flatwounds

    I'd asked to whom the strings were being marketed too and he replied...
    Sounds Good, sure I'll try them out!

    well, I got another email stating that they were out of stock on the 6 sets.... BUT, just for me (yeah, like I need a bigger head ;) ), they had fired up the machina 6 days early and the first set off the line was mine :cool: AND they made a single 060 just for me (it was in a guitar sized string envelope that was black sharpied to say "NHR060 Specially made for you" :bassist: )

    OK, initial impressions....

    They have much less tension and fundamentals then my SIT PowerFlats, these are rounds that feel flat and that took me by surprise. It took me a little while to get the bass and my hands use to the difference.

    Once they and the bass settled in, Wow! I'm digging them!!! I could go for a *little* more darkness and thump, but they are very expressive, sustain nicely and have great tone. Rehearsal will tell me more about how they work in a live setting (no gigs till March... he had drummer problems AGAIN!), as will time. My powerflats have sounded better with age, being of the same material and type, I'm assuming the same from these.

    I only had the NHR065 on briefly, but I do think I was right about the 060 being a better match to the set.... thanks again for the special run.

    I recorded a brief, unorganized groove to a drum loop to get a feel for their recorded tone... http://hartsafire.com/mp3/skip_it.mp3
    please ignore the random clams and the train wreck @ about 1:40...
    it's my Benavente 6 string fretless plugged direct into a soundblaster live. Recorded in Cakewalk Sonar 4 and mixed with a little eq, tape saturation and compression.

    He said, "Players will notice very vintage, warm sound somewhere between a flatwound and a roundwound." It's a fitting reply to my question of who they are aimed at. They have a definite aggression to them as well and I get a somewhat more modern slap tone then the SIT I was using (I prefer a 70s slap tone to the modern slappers... so I'm happy).

    I think they will suit me and my style perfectly!
  2. Uh, yeah, I was using them in the...70's!! Probably the originals from what the emails says.

    They are the only strings I will use on my fretless basses.
  3. well, I didn't start playing till 1980... but as soon as I knew enough about strings and tone, I was off on my "new set 2 to 3 time a month Stainless Roundwound" addiction :cool:

    Now that I'm older and know a bit more, I've switched to groundwounds (2+ years now)

    I cannot wait to get a set for my fretted 5!
  4. I have a set of Dad XL ground wounds on my Franken-P-bass. They've been on that bass for 15 years. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'BOUT! :bassist:
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    James, I've been using Half-Rounds on my Rick 4001 since the early 80's. I really like them. IMO they're a nice blend of warm/bright and if wiped down regularly, they keep their tone quite a while.

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    Heh, I just put a set of the stainless ones on my Travis Bean fretless today, since I plan to gig with it on Friday. I've pretty much always used half rounds on this bass, ever since I bought it in 1977. A shop in Portland had a stash of the nickel ones that I used to rely on for a few years after they were discontinued, and I'll be very happy to go back to those as soon as I can get some. The SS ones are .070 for the D in the set I use, and the extra tension has never really bothered me. Both the nickel and the SS sets are very bright on my Travis Bean, and work the best of anything I've tried for slide bass. The nickel one were always my favorites though, they definitely had more warmth. I hadn't used the Bean in a while, but I was blown away by the difference between the TI Jazz flats on my other fretless and these. I went slap happy at rehearsal tonight, big time. :cool:
  7. Lucky :spit:

  8. :smug: yeah, I'm just lucky he didn't catch on that I'm a nobody :bassist:

    Actually, I was a beta tester and I had commented after getting the second free set of ProSteels that I dug them, but have gone back to my nickel groundwounds... a different Brian and I swapped a few emails about the *new* nickel grounds they had coming up... The current Brian contacted me as they were hitting the market.

    I'm impressed with the steps and follow through D'Addario have taken with me.

    a few days in, they've gained a touch more thump... but are still the same. I like them, nice and warm yet a bit more roundwound sounding.
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    I've had these on for about a month now and I'm really liking these strings. I agree with what has been said so far - more roundwound than flat sound, warm but with a nice balance of growl and thump. They are a good string for getting rid of the metallic upper mid edge of other strings. They seem to have fuller low mids than the SS 1/2 rounds I had on before them.