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  1. I have an old-school Peavey Mark III 'Bass' head. Two speaker outputs @ 105 Watts ea.(210 total). I usually run two 8 ohm cabs and all's well. I just was given another 8 ohm cab and wondered if I can use one of my existing cab's daisy-chain jacks to hook up the new cab, or is that going to throw the Ohm load off and cook something? :eek: Thanks in advance!
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    From the manual on Peavey's website, the Mark III looks like it has two paralelled speaker outputs for a maximum load of 4 ohms. It looks like there's not a simple way of running three 8 ohm cabs in that setup without dropping the load past the amp's capabilities. You'd have to rewire something to run in series, and it's a crapshoot as to whether you get any improvement. Someone else may have better info, but it doesn't seem worth the trouble IMHO. I'd pick the two best cabs and sell the other or save it for a rainy day.
  3. Scott - I think you're right about that. For now, I'll just fly with whichever cabs work for the show. Thanks for your 2 cents.
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    That's 210 watts/4 ohms, total, not each. It's not a stereo amp. But it is rated for 2 ohms, so three 8 ohm cabs/2.7 ohms should be no problem.
  5. Bill- wow, I didn't realize it could operate at 2 ohms. My idea was to go from the head's 1st output to my Dietz 1x15, then daisy-chain from that cab to my SWR 1x15, while running my 4x10 cab off the head's 2nd output. I'm not sure if I'd even need that much BASS, but it never hurts to have options.
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