Daisy-chaining combo amps?

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  1. What's the best way to daisy chain combo amps together?

    My amp has a DI, tuner out, and also an effects loop.

    This is sorta a follow up to my other question about how I'm going to run my rig on Friday.

    I was thinking, I have 2 combo amps - each is 200 watts. One is a Nemesis 4x10, and the other is a Nemesis 2x10. The 4x10 is "least functional" - has a couple issues, and the eq knobs are broken off - so no quick "on the fly" adjustments. The 2x10 combo is mint.

    My plan was to run my bass in to my 2x10, then DI out to FOH. Also from the 2x10, run the tuner out to the instrument input on the 4x10 amp. From there I figured I would run the tuner out to my actual tuner.

    (I have another Nemesis speaker cab, but it "robs" power if I plug it in - unless I use another amp to power that cab... in which case I could daisy chain 3 amps together, but I don't need that much punch on stage.)

    The fun part of daisy chaining amps is that I can eq each differently - so I can add more mids to the 2x10 cab (on top), and run more low end bass frequencies on the 4x10 cab (bottom). The end result will be a 400 watt 6x10 stack, bi-amped, with individual eq's. (if I add my 2x12 cab with another amp, I could do 3 different eq settings, and have a lot of fun!)

    I guess my question is this (and I'm going to test it out on Tuesday) - but is it ok to daisy chain amps together using the tuner out?
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