Daisychaining solid state amps.

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  1. Question for solid state amp gurus. Is there any danger of damaging the input stage of a small solid state amp, such as the Fender BXR25 by daisychaining the inputs? How many amps is it possible to chain together in this way?


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    Apr 26, 2000
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    The normal way to daisy chain amps is take a line out from the "master" and patch it to an effcets return or power amp input of the "slave".

    If the slave amp has no line level inputs, you can usually use the instrument input but it's real easy to overdrive the preamp this way...always use the lowest gain input possible and experiment carefully to see how high you can run the volume on the slave withoput causing distortion.

    When you talk baout daisy chaining INPUTS if you mean plugging the bass into one input jack, coming out the second input jack into the input of a second amp, this may or may not work depending on how the amp is designed (I own some amps where this does NOT work, using either input jack disconnects the other).

    If this IS possible with your amp, you will be lowering the input impedance as you chain more amps together. With a passive bass this may cause a tonal change. The slaving method I mentioned above is preferable; luckily most modern amps have effect loops that make this possible.
  3. It works (Fender).

    Each input has a 33k resistor across it. The input impedance is rated at 1 meg. What does this mean? I just want to chain up an extra amp which has no FX loop or preamp out.