Damaging speakers?

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  1. The SVP-Pro preamp has a knob labeled "drive", which you can use to get a distorted tone. I've heard before that if you send a distorted signal into a cabinet, it could ruin the speakers. If you pump the drive, will you ruin your speakers?
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    Haven't heard that one... don't they make 'overdrive / distortion' pedals for bass? Is there a difference between the pedal's distortion and the amp's overdrive distortion??

    I do know that guitar players have been using 'amp' overdrives and pedals for quite sometime without any detriment to speakers....

    Although, I do know a guitar player that was using someone's SVT BassHead (the boat anchor one), and high the 'high and ultra-high' switches turned on. After about a half-hour of playing through an 8x12 cabinet, the speakers suddenly went silent.
    It turned out, the amp's 'high / ultra high' guitar signals were too much for the cabinet. The vibration needed for the speakers was so fast, that instead of vibrating, they would stand still and heat up.

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  3. No.

    But you still have to know what you're doing. Speakers may be damaged by a clipping output stage, IOW if you demand more from your amp (power-wise) than it's capable of.

    But luckily, a distorted tone has a higher perceived loudness and is compressed because of the distortion. So if you're normally not clipping your amp, using the drive knob won't clip it either. Usually.