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Dan Andriano - Alkaline Trio

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by basspunk2005, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. basspunk2005

    basspunk2005 Guest

    Jan 31, 2005
    When people read this some might think straight away - o yea thats the band that did stupid kid and private eye those songs are crap so the bass must be crap. Well I personally dont like like those songs as they are very commercial. But back to my point, I think he is an excellent bass player who has a great sound live(fender jazz into two ampeg 8x10s) and on cd. He varys his playing, in some songs he keeps it simple but in others he throws in some fast fills. Some songs to check out, Tuck Me In(has a fast bass fill in the verse) Goodbye Forever(the bass in this is excellent and doesnt take the focus away from the rest of the band). He also has a great singing voice. Anyone that has heard him play please post a reply to what you think and give your reasons. Cheers
  2. Funkzfly


    Jun 15, 2005
    Straight forward player, not a bad band. What's not to like?
  3. I used to dig Alkaline Trio about three years ago.

    I always prefferred Dan's voice to the guitarist, but I just lost interest. Their stuff became boring and their live show was horrid.

    Anyway... he was more impressive in Slapstick.
  4. Lastly, The Lawrence Arms is where it's at.
  5. Deadworks


    Dec 13, 2004
    St.Louis, MO
    I like dan's basslines a whole lot. Alkaline as a band I can listen to some but not one of those bands I can listen to every day. They're kind of hit or miss live in my experience.

    Oh and thanks of ruining my hopes of getting something productive done around the house tonight. I'm going to be sitting here learning some Alkaline songs tonight. First up Snake Oil Tanker.
  6. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    The new album really is an eye opener - it took them, like, four albums, but they finally wrote something that doesn't sound like all of their other music. I'll chalk it up to the addition of their new drummer.

    As for Danny as a bass player, he is ok. He gets the job done in the band, and that's all you can ask for, right? As far as bass players in the punk genre go, he is pretty good.
  7. Techmonkey


    Sep 4, 2004
    Wales, UK
    Compared to a lot of other punk bassists, I think he's awesome! I agree that the Alkaline Trio tend to suck live, especially Matt Skiba, but watching some of those bass fills... Whew! In one of their videos he is playing completely off the neck, literally - he's wearing his bass and playing everything exactly where it would be like one inch above the fretboard! :smug:
  8. basspunk2005

    basspunk2005 Guest

    Jan 31, 2005
    that video would be Goodbye Forever. They used to be pretty crap as Skiba had nodjules on his throat but kept singing. I have seen them live a few times in the past two years and both times they have been really good. Snake oil tanker is another good bass line from Dan. I think their new drummer, who has been on the past two albums has been their best drummer. And finally Dans bass sounds cool
  9. cossie


    Apr 29, 2005
    I am a huge fan of the Trio - i went to one of their shows here in Dublin a year or so back and it was one of the best gigs i've ever been to.

    I think Dan is a great bass player.

    as for their sound being commercial, they are a "pop" punk band, which i don't think they make any bones about.

    Crimson is a great album, i bought it last week - i was amazed to hear the piano on the opening track, but i think there are some more mellow tracks on this album than on previous ones which were pretty hard and trashy.
  10. Alkaline Trio is simply amazing. Dan's tone is perfect and his voice is amazing. Him and Derek make a great rhythm section. I really can't say enough about ALK3.
  11. he is not that good. i saw them twice and met him twice. he smelled like bud and was more high then I've seen anyone in a while. on top of that, he messes up a lot live while he's singing and while he's not.

    but your right about his tone
  12. worker201


    Mar 21, 2008
    Temporarily, TX
    Everything about the song "Crawl" is fabulous. While I'm not exactly trying to emulate Dan's sound, I think its album "From Here to Infirmary" is what got me interested in playing the bass. The band's trademark thunking sound is awesome, and in my ears, it never gets old. Never had the chance to see them live, unfortunately.
  13. I always thought the bass on private eye was pretty catchy, not anywhere near as poppy as that the other crap single they did that I don't even wanna mention the name of cos its stupid (yeah yeah! :p).

    Really nice sound though, sounds pretty distinctive to me even though its another punk band with a Jazz and an Ampeg.