Danelectro Longhorn $225

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  1. This is not the newer "pro" model. This is the earlier one (but still a reissue) in aqua. Great bass with cool tweed Dano hard case (took me a while to find it). It's in like new shape...I can't find a problem with it...I'll check again tonight and get back to you just to make sure. I got it to try shortscale and to have a superlight bass. Great tone, but my back is better and the scale just isn't for me. I'm asking $225+shipping. Let me know if you want photos, I can email them.

  2. Found no problems with the bass...BUMP
  3. pics?
  4. Sorry...my camera broke, had to borrow another one.

    Here's the bass:
  5. Here's another pic:
  6. I'm going to be putting this up on ebay shortly. I need to raise funds for a 5 string, and the short scale really isn't my thing. Great sounding, great playing little bass. Doesn't anybody here want to add this cute thing to their stable?