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Danelectro Shorthorn or Longhorn Body Style?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jazzman64, May 3, 2021 at 3:01 PM.

  1. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    Are there other differences besides body stying and # of frets?
  2. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol

    The shorthorn comes in both 30" and 34" scales. The Longhorn is 30" only.
    Otherwise, same electronics, neck and construction, save for minor variations over the years.
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  3. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol

    Also worth noting, the adjustable metal and wooden saddle bridges are fully compatible. You can replace one by the other at will.
    You can somewhat adjust intonation on the wooden saddle bridge, the saddle can be moved a bit.
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  4. dangevans


    Mar 26, 2014
    You know, I tried a Danelectro a couple years before getting a JJ in a music store in Austin, TX. I really liked it. It sounded good, felt good, looked cool. BUT, that was from only trying it for maybe 10 minutes.
    Shortly afterward, I decided I wanted one, discovered that Jerry Jones actually existed, and noticed at the time the JJ's were a little more pricey but not TOO pricey. I was actually willing to buy either or at the time- whichever came first, and I happened to stumble upon a used Seaburst (really like ocean turquoise) JJ Longhorn on Stan Jay's Mando Bros. website. (Initially, a salesman there turned me down saying the bass was sold- then I get an email from Stan Jay for me to call him... I did, and he explained it was available and apologized for his mis-informed salesguy, LOL).
    I loved that color, Danelectro didn't offer it, and it was hard to find a Dano with an adjustable bridge- the JJ had one. So, for about $500, I picked it up and it has been my #1 since.
    Great bass, really good for recording. I heard the same about Danelectros, too, but I am sure someone else can explain the main difference of build quality, sound, etc. I do know the Danos are just as light and have the short scale, which is a big selling point for me. But, of course, the sound is the most important factor, and these basses have it! :)
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  5. dangevans


    Mar 26, 2014
    If you find an old Hondo longhorn, they are long scale. The tradeoff is that they are solid body, so you might not get the total Dano sound out of it. Of course, I am just speculating, since I never actually tried a Hondo longhorn. :)
  6. 2saddleslab

    2saddleslab Supporting Member

    May 30, 2003
    I saw a used Hondo once but lots of the charm of the Dano is the masonite construction.

    I owned an original early 60's Dano Longhorn [bought in the 1990's for $90.00 w/ original coffin case] as well as a Jerry Jones. Loved them both but my huge hands found the short scale neck too restricting.
    Jerry Jones Longhorn _1024.jpg
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  7. That is awesome!! Thanks for the tip:thumbsup:
  8. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    The current import shorthorns have 24 frets, same as all longhorns and dophin nose Silvertones. Because of where the bridge is located, the longhorn's nut is closer to your body than the others by about 3". Not that big deal on a short scale, but it's worth considering.

    The original US shorthorns had only 15 frets, so there's a big difference!
  9. dangevans


    Mar 26, 2014
    Yeah, sometimes I go over to long scale and need to get back in the right mood to swing the short scale.
    So, the old 60's Dano's WERE shortscale, then? It seems like every other source I've looked at says they are long scale. I always found that hard to believe, so it is nice that you clarified that the original Dano's were short scale.
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  10. /\/\3phist0

    /\/\3phist0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mmm Woody! Supporting Member

  11. J-Bassomatic


    Mar 30, 2017
    Canton OH
    I am in total agreement with this. I have to be careful though, I'm easily convinced I should buy a shorthorn for comparison. Just to be sure.:rolleyes:
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  12. 350125g0


    Mar 4, 2020
    One vote for Longhorn, here. I can't back it up with science, but they are just more fun.
  13. Wesley R

    Wesley R Gold Supporting Member

    Long horn
  14. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    I do not mean to derail this but have a question; I take it that all danelectro basses are reissues of 'Originals'?
    What if any are changes made(maby updates/grades?) when comparing an old one with a new one of the same model/body style?

    I like both but imagine the longhorn to be more comfortable to play?

  15. The Jerry Jones longhorns are going anywhere from $1600 and up today at least on ebay and have been for some years now.
  16. BassBrass


    Jul 6, 2009
    Boston MA
    Every one mentioned here and within most people's experience are the Korean reissues. (I don't know what the new ones are and I've never seen a 60s original) Mine is about 22 years old, masonite and tape etc. a metal adjustable bridge. Very resonant low end and mid voice and comfortable once I found a strap with very narrow ends. Weighs next to nothing. I've read that they improved the output of the pickups from the originals.
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  17. TinyE


    Jan 31, 2013
    gotta go longhorn....
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  18. BassBrass


    Jul 6, 2009
    Boston MA
    I would not recommend using a Danelectro as firewood, the out-gassing fumes would be toxic and you'll get allot more heat out of any Fender like bass, hard maple and ash is good.
  19. ProbablyTooLoud


    Aug 1, 2020
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  20. Longhorn for me.

    I have a couple Dano Longhorns set up for bass, but my tech and I turned a couple into a Bass VI and a couple more into baritones.

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    May 9, 2021

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