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  1. Is it dangerous to remove ALL the strings from my bass? I have to work on the PUs and the electronics, and the only way to do it is to remove all the strings... Will my bass neck suffer?
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    Although there have been other threads on Talkbass from other members expressing concern over the removal of all the strings. I say it is not a problem. I have been working on basses for a few years now and do it all the time. As you stated, how else are you going to perform the pickup work?

    I have let my basses sit without strings on them for days at a time like this, while working on them (leaving them in the same room/environment).

    I assume your putting the same strings back on, or new strings that are the same gauges? If you are changing gauges, you may need to tweek the truss rod a bit.
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    I've never experienced any problems taking all the strings off my bass. I also soak the entire bass in a tub full of warm sudsy water to get the deep set dirt off of it. Then I towel dry it and put it in the sun for some good ol vitaminn D. Just kidding.

    Really though - taking the strings off has never hurt my basses. The only thing is when you re-string them it may take a half an hour or so for the neck to adjust properly. If you keep your action low it will probably buzz a little till it re-adjusts. I say this because I used to immediately go fiddling with action and truss rod after I replaced the strings, and realized after a while that it was uneccesary (and skrewed up my setup).
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    Well, i do have to say, i did that once, and the neck went screwy on me, it was so bad, had to get a new neck. but it was a piece of crap. i would only have the courage to do that again if i had a graphite neck.
  5. Wow... My bass hasn't a bolt-on neck, so, if I damage its neck I should buy another one! Aaarghh $1300!!!!!!
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    Not as dangerous as it would be to get stinkin' drunk, stick a pork chop in each of your pockets and then wrestle my ex-roommate's Bull Terrier. :D
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    That's an absolutely rare thing to happen.
    Probably the neck was bad anyway (wood too moist?)

    In 99.99% of all cases nothing will happen, unless you don't store the bass properly. At the most you may have to readjust the truss-rod.