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  1. I ordered the bass book 'dark side of the moon' ... What do the rest of you think of learning this? I LOVE the album, and want to learn it anyway, but curious to hear what you think of the bass and how hard this is going to be ... I have already got Money down from Tabs that I found.

  2. Sounds great. Anything you take the time to learn will make you better. I would recommend making the effort while you're just starting on bass to try and work on your reading, though. I've put it off far too long and now that I am really working on it, I'm finding that the pull to tabs is quite distracting when I get frustrated with myself. Plus there's a lot more informatin in the notation than you'll find in tabs.

    Join me in my quest for acceptance into clan TABEVIL. :D
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    gotta pass me first


    (you know i'm a big softie at heart, right?)

  4. :eek:
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    I want in on this wonderfull clan ye all speak of called TabEvil. whats the member fees and initiation ritual :D
  6. Sounds great! I havnt seen that around. My band and I have talked about putting on a tribute show to either 'The Wall' or 'Dark Side', it would be great to have all the notation at a glance.

    I believe the personal requirements to get in are to have the ability to make snobby remarks and smart arse comments that do little other than annoy and cause arguments.
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    ahh, see? It's all about perspective. THe requirements are to have a burning desire to help others shed their dependence on incomplete forms of notation, to help them better communicate with fellow musicians, and to truly understand musical communication.


    It's true - just ask my DURRLFRIEND :D
  8. lizard king....hope you can find about 11 guys to help you recreate the sound. My best friend did a DSOTM trubute for the 25 yr aniverary of the release. Actually it was about 8 guys and 1 gal. Was alot of work, think they worked on it like 7 months or so (they all have full time jobs).But was an excelent performance. Hope you guys can do it justice too.
  9. Ditto... A live performance of DSOTM now that would be cool. It would be interesting to see what kind of additions you would make to it if any?
  10. Hey, I just bought this today. Sounds pretty good to me.
  11. Thanks for the responses - you can get the book at bn.com ... it was like $15 or something. I am just completely sick of getting tabs and seeing a mistake, then I second guess the entire thing!

    The reason I am starting with this is because I was actually the drummer to the 'Trio' verson of DSOTM show. We did a couple of studio tapes and then a show at a local place. It worked out great - or perhaps I should say interesting ... Hahaha... That album has to be one of the all time best.

    Talk to you all later -
  12. I think I'm too dumb to be accepted into the clan :(

    I can't read tab. ;)