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  1. sneauxman


    Jul 14, 2017
    I'm not sure if this is possible firmware wise, but i feel placing the EQ before the dirt clean split might help to liven the tone a bit - sort of a push for the distortion circuit. Currently I'm running it in my effects loop and pushing some high mids through distortion engine 3 to get more cut in a band setting. The Ir section I agree tends to blanket the tone.
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  2. Z3P0


    Mar 5, 2021
    Just for fun I ran my Mesa Subway + Preamp > ADAM > amp. I didn’t care for it. Seemed to lose a lot of volume, punch, and clarity the Mesa is known for. I’m fiddling around with ADAM to get a boosted clean 1,000 lb grand piano bottom end. So far it seems, ADAM will help me not need the Mesa preamp as wonderful as it is.
  3. I find this bizarre.

    After the last firmware update, I decided I wanted to set the ADAM to mimic the output from my X Ultra with the Forrester Bitey cab sim. So, I blended fully clockwise, turned distortion and comp off and flattened the EQ, with the Forrester cab sim set on the Adam. Result: practically identical to the X Ultra output. I then dialled in some multiband side chain, turned the comp on, tinkered EQ etc and I got basically an improved X Ultra patch.

    I haven’t experienced this blanket thing at all? I didn’t like the stock cab Sims, but they sound the same as they do with my X Ultra.
  4. intriguing. Good to hear you've had a better experience. IME, it's particularly bad when playing without the distortion circuit on. I'll keep turning knobs to find something I can use.

    On another note, it sounds like you dialed in the XU clean tone. Did you manage to dial in a similar distorted tone as well?
  5. I was probably unclear, what I meant was that a replicated the DI output of the X Ultra with the ADAM. The X Ultra was being used for the drive and EQ (initially), I was effectively checking that the ADAM wouldn’t colour the sound, and would present the IR in the same way, which it did. I haven’t tried to dial in XU tones with the the ADAM. Cleans fine, but the distortion engines are very different.
  6. This line threw me off. Got my hopes up! lol. But yeah, I would've been very surprised.
  7. My clean preset is basically what you have dialed in above sans cabsim. I just spent the last hour A/Bing no cabsim vs Forrester Bitey (one I know I've liked previously) with varying levels of Blend. With Blend full CW, it is indeed a pillow over the speaker sound. I was able to get some usable tones by backing it off a notch or two, nothing good beyond that.

    Still, turning the cabsim off at any point in this process, the bass was instantly more forward sounding and natural (to me), and what I expect to hear similarly if I were playing through my Bergantino rig, for example.

    It's possible I don't remember the Forrester Bitey cabsim as well as I remember, and that I just need to find a better IR that fits better to what I expect to hear from a cab.
  8. Like I say, the IR seems to be doing exactly the same thing on the ADAM as it does on the X Ultra, AB’ing the DI and headphone amp, the sound is more or less the same. I’m trying to figure out why you hear a difference?? With the blend fully counter clockwise, absolutely, some weird mids in that multiband comp isolated, but fully clockwise with comp/distort off is practically unprocessed. And an IR is an IR, it can’t really vary?
  9. Ah! Yeah I just meant I was able to sweeten the X Ultra tone using the ADAMs clean pre magic
  10. It can vary by the amount of the distortion circuit you blend in/out, whether you have distortion enabled or not. The cabsim is only applied to the distortion signal path by default. I had it off for testing, so basically my dry signal or very close to it with a touch of compression.

    My comments here weren't talking about the XU. Only the ADAM in this case.
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  11. Basically, my goal is to get a cabsim that works well with my clean signal as well as distorted signals. That's what I do with my IRL cabs under normal conditions playing with a backline (my Bergantinos sound amazing with clean and DG distortion pedals!) so my expectation is to get a similar result with a cabsim. That way, I can have a clean preset where I can also utilize cabsim for other DG pedals earlier in my signal chain since I more often use IEMs these days. My expectations here haven't been met yet.

    I may try building my own IR with my Bergantino rig, but I've never done that before. Will need to look into it.
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  12. I have the IR set to post-blend, activated in the Suite. So cab sim on both sides since the update.
  13. Cool. Suppose you can't vary it in that case. Do you find it makes a noticeable difference? And how so?
  14. Ryno1330

    Ryno1330 Supporting Member

    Jan 14, 2020
    For those of you with one of these, how is the sound quality of the headphone out? Anyone use it with higher impedance headphones - is there enough volume?
  15. Z3P0


    Mar 5, 2021
    I initially didn’t like the sound out through headphones with the default cab sims. Sounded muffled. I swapped out other available cabs and speakers on the DG suite and got much better results. May try some other speaker IRs. I’m using Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 80Ohms.

    On a side note, when not using the headphones you have to turn the headphone level knob to zero otherwise you get a lot of unwanted noise in your regular signal.

    One more thing, when using headphones out there is grounding noise so you have to keep your hands on the bridge to silence it.
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  16. AccessAllAreas


    Jul 12, 2016
    I‘m using Beyerdynamic DT880-Pro 250Ohms and for me it get‘s loud enough.
    If I‘m using my 36Ohms Shure IEMs it get‘s stupidly loud!

    I don‘t have this issue with any of my basses! So maybe you have a faulty grounding on another source or the headphone out on your ADAM is faulty. Which power supply are you using?
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  17. Z3P0


    Mar 5, 2021
    Fulltone 9v wallwart. It’s a high quality no noise power. No other pedals or power in the chain. Just ADAM direct from Bass. The grounding noise/issue is same as the Strymon Iridium with headphones.
  18. That’s usually not grounding noise, it’s caused by your bass picking up EM noise. When you ground yourself (usually by touching the strings) you turn your body into an antennae that shields your bass. Improving the shielding in your bass can fix this issue.

    That noise is always there, but it can be easier to hear with headphones.
  19. anthony w Jaber

    anthony w Jaber

    Aug 23, 2019
    It’s pretty much like the ultra series pedals with the headphone jack it’s okay you can’t really go super loud with it or it starts to break up. Also depends on the head phones you use with this if there not high quality it may sound not so good but if your using something higher end you can push the volume up a bit more before it starts to distort. Either way it’s mad more for quite practicing.
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  20. Z3P0


    Mar 5, 2021
    Not sure about that. Noiseless pickups and everything is well shielded. No issues with my DG amp headphone out, cab out, or any other gear setup, except the Adam and Iridium. Dead quiet. Strymon has support notes on this below for comparison. Figured it might be a similar situation for the ADAM.

    “Iridium was designed as a an amp modeler solution in a pedal format that you can drop into any pedalboard. Like most other guitar pedals, it receives its ground connection via the 1/4″ output jacks. When listening to Iridium through the headphone output and using a wall adapter, there is no connection earth ground like there is with an amplifier. This causes some noise (hum) and is usually reduced when you ground the guitar by touching the strings. The adapter that is included with Iridium significantly reduces this hum when compared to similar parts. If an amplifier with an earth ground connection is available, then, the hum can be eliminated by connecting the LEFT or RIGHT OUT from Iridium to the input of the amplifier. The amplifier doesn’t need to be powered on for the ground to be provided. Power supplies like the Zuma and Ojai have much better filtering and isolation which will improve the noise performance.”
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