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Darkglass B7K Ultra V2 Distortion Switch Repair

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by AXiON, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. AXiON


    Mar 14, 2021
    I'm considering purchasing a Darkglass B7KU V2 from my local vendor in my country, but the only one he has in stock at the moment is used and has a broken distortion switch. It's permanently in the "on" position.

    The pedal's on a pretty hefty discount, but I want to know if there's a chance that I could salvage this item and use it. I already have a SansAmp BDDI V2 in my chain and I'm wondering if the B7KU is even worth repairing. I'd prefer not having to completely bypass the unit every time I want to turn off distortion. The SansAmp is my clean tone but I wonder if I'll be gaining anything from the B7KU with distortion off.

    TL;DR I wanna buy a cheap used B7KU but the distortion switch is broken. Could a tech repair it easily? Should I even bother?
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    May 14, 2021

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