Darkglass Electronics Unveils the Microtubes 900

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    Mar 12, 2004
    Helsinki, Finland – The Microtubes 900™ is a 900W amplifier equipped with an all analog preamplifier and a Class D Power Module. The first thing you will notice from the Microtubes 900 is its unusual control layout:

    On the right side you’ll find the clean section which is the foundation of your tone.
    It features Gain and Master controls an active 4 band EQ. Along with Low and Treble controls you will find Low Mids and Hi Mids control, each knob with their own 3-way frequency switch.

    On the left side you will find the Microtubes® Engine which acts as an extra channel that can bring your clean tone to the next level by helping you cut through the mix while adding anything from subtle tube break up, harmonics and natural compression to obliterating distortion.

    We equipped the power module with some unique control over the power output and minimum speaker loads:

    The standard mode will deliver 900W RMS at 4Ω/500W at 8Ω. If you select the 2Ω Mode via the rear panel switch the amplifier will deliver 900W at 2Ω/500W at 4Ω and 350W at 8Ω.

    Dimensions: 26.7x23x6.4 cm (10.5x9.05x2.52in)

    Front Panel:
    : Connect your instrument via a standard ¼” mono cable.
    Passive/Active: Switch from passive to active mode. Some active basses can have a hotter signal output which can make the amp distort early (feel free to use it on Passive move even with active basses if such additional distortion is desired).
    Microtubes: Turns on or off the Microtubes Engine to add natural compression, organic harmonic enhancement, and saturation ranging from mild overdrive to high gain bass rage.
    The Microtubes Engine operates before the clean section (you can therefore use the 4 Band Active EQ for additional tone shaping in addition to the Tone knob described below).
    Drive: Controls the amount of distortion that the Microtubes Engine will deliver. It will change from a soft warm overdrive to a massive modern distorted tone.
    Tone: Controls the high harmonic content of the Microtubes Engine via a variable low pass filter: crank it up for additional attack and definition or dim it down for a smoother sound. This is handy if running bright clean EQ settings or cabinets with tweeters.
    Level: Controls the Microtubes Engine’s output volume.
    Blend: Mixes between the Clean signal and the Distortion signal (Microtubes Engine).
    B3K/VMT: Selects between two overdrive voicings: B3K mode will deliver an aggressive, percussive sound while the VMT will bring up the mids for a warmer, more neutral character.
    Gain: Changes the volume of the signal the Active 4 Band EQ. You can set it low prior to ensuring the cleanest operation possible or set it higher for more aggressive growl.
    Bass: +-12dB at 80Hz. Changes the low content of the signal.
    Low Mids: +-12dB of the selected frequency via the LOW MIDS ƒ switch (described below). Changes the lower mid content of the signal.
    Low Mids ƒ: Use this switch to change the frequency of the low mid band from 250Hz, 500Hz or 1kHZ.
    Hi Mids: +-12dB of the selected frequency via the HI MIDS ƒ switch (described below). Changes the higher mid content of the signal.
    Hi Mids ƒ: Use this switch to change the frequency of the hi mid band from 750Hz, 1.5kHz and 3kHZ.
    Treble: +-12dB at 5kHz. Changes the high content of the signal.
    Master: Controls the overall volume of the amplifier.
    Mute: Mutes the amplifier.

    Rear Panel:
    Speaker Output
    : Connects the amplifier to your cabinet. This Speakon combo jack allows for either Speakon or ¼” speaker cable operation.
    Min-Load: Press when using a 2Ω load. You can use this control to lower the output if your 4Ω cabinet is not able to handle more than 500W (you can also get 350W with an 8Ω cabinet in this configuration).
    Pre Amp Out: This output connects the preamp to a different power amp.
    Power Amp In: Use this input to connect a different preamp to the power amp. (master volume will be disabled)
    Post-Pre: Selects what signal will be delivered by the DI output. Selecting PRE, sends a clean copy of your input bass signal. Selecting POST delivers a signal processed by the preamp of the amp (gain, distortion, eq, master, etc.)
    Ground Lift: Lifts the ground of the DI XLR output. If a ground noise in you DI signal is experienced, try changing the setting of this control.
    Balanced Output: Connects the Microtubes 900™ preamplifier to balanced equipment (mic preamp, console, recorder, compressor, audio interface, etc.) via a standard XLR jack.
    Footswitch: The Footswitch allows you to remotely engage and disengage the Microtubes Engine. Hold the footswitch to Mute the amplifier. The VMT/B3K push button will remain operational with the Intelligent Footswitch plugged in.
    AC Socket: Connects the power cord to the amplifier.
    AC Power ON/OFF: Turns the amplifier on or off.

    Intelligent Footswitch
    The Intelligent Footswitch is an intuitive yet versatile accessory for your Microtubes 900™. One tap will engage and disengage the Microtubes Engine, while holding for 3 seconds will Mute the amplifier. It is connected to the head via a standard 1/4" cable and it's powered by a microcontroller that sends commands to the head using a proprietary communication protocol.

    Microtubes 900 - Front Panel.jpg Microtubes 900 - Rear Panel.jpg Microtubes 900 - Angle.jpg Intelligent Footswitch - Angle 2.jpg

    Visit http://darkglass.com/microtubes-900/ for video samples, user's manual and more technical information.
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    Sep 7, 2007
    Traverse City, MI
    Looks great! Wonder what street price will be?
  3. Brother Goose

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    Dec 4, 2013
    Syracuse NY
    God Is Love
    I'm holding out for the 2700 watt version....
  4. gravesbass

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    Aug 16, 2006
    San Jose, CA
    Endorsing Artist: DarkglassElectronics-MesaBoogie-SpectorBass-Dunlop-EMG Pickups-Hipshot
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  5. ThatLowEnd

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    Apr 14, 2012
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    Has been/Never was
    What class d amp module is used?
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  6. DavetheDude


    Nov 28, 2014
    @Darkglass What sayest thou? :)
  7. Darkglass

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    Dec 10, 2008
    Helsinki, Finland
    Douglas Castro, Founder: darkglass.com
    Hey, after testing and evaluating several options we went with ICE Power's 700ASX module. There were several reasons we went with this specific brand and module, support and excellent track record with reliability aside, us being able to take full advantage of the design and squeeze out 900W RMS was the main one.

    If people are curious as to how did we manage to do this I'd be more than glad to elaborate more.
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  8. Callused Finger

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    Feb 22, 2007
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    Oh no! An amp I want. AAAHHHGGGG!
  9. shrigg

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    Sep 7, 2007
    Traverse City, MI
    I would love to hear more about your selection process! I have a feeling there are plenty others here that would as well! Thanks guys
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  10. azfatboy


    May 11, 2016
    Wow, this looks nice...

    I love that the 4 ohm output changes if you switch over to "2 ohm" mode. That's the first time I've seen that. Seems to make this head even more versatile...

    Somewhat of a nit, but I found it irritating that not even on the product page is the weight mentioned. It's obviously a micro-head, but to not even mention such a basic physical measurement???
  11. Darkglass

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    Dec 10, 2008
    Helsinki, Finland
    Douglas Castro, Founder: darkglass.com
    Thank you for the kind words! You are indeed right, the weight isn't listed (I'll fix that today).

    Packed weight (with box, stickers and documentation) is 7.5lbs and just the amp is roughly 6.8lbs.
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    You guys thought of everything! ;)

    Seriously though, looks/sounds like an awesome amp, I'm anxious to hear first user reviews here.
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  13. Blackjac97

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    May 27, 2012
    I loved everything about this amp, until I saw the back. Why are so many amps going with one speaker jack? Not all cabs have two jacks in the back. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have to go buy some new cabs in order to use an amp with one speaker out in the back. It's not the end of the world, but it is limiting.
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  14. hintz


    Jun 5, 2014
    wahiawa, HI(Oahu)
    Glad this is finally out!!
  15. Ballin'bass


    Jun 16, 2014
    Madison, WI
    The aesthetics are that of an Apple product. Interesting look.
  16. MojoPenguin


    Jul 11, 2014
    Europe Bro'
    @Darkglass I have to say, the ad is quite clever, kudos to you guys :thumbsup:

    One happy B7K user.
  17. bwoodman

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    Buy new cabs? Nope - just add a jack. I did this on a little Eden 110 cab (they only have one jack). I have a pair and only added the jack to one of the cabs - no big deal. But, I agree - why not put two speaker outs on the amp? I have not seen the inside of this amp, but based on the back panel view, they could have put two outs on there - IMO of course.
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  18. bwoodman

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    I just watched the product video that shows the amp being built - there may be room in there for another speaker jack....
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  19. azfatboy


    May 11, 2016
    I gotta agree. With all the switching versatility, it's literally and stupidly insignificant with only one output...
  20. Darkglass

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    Dec 10, 2008
    Helsinki, Finland
    Douglas Castro, Founder: darkglass.com
    Thanks for the questions on the rear panel.

    There are 3 relevant points to this:

    1) There really isn't room for another speakon jack on the M900.

    2) our upcoming cabinets wil have two speakon combo jacks (plenty more room in there).

    3) If the M900 is something you would love to use (something we really appreciate!) but it is a must for you to use it with two cabs, non of which have a second speakon jack (you only need 2 jacks on either the amp, cab 1 or cab 2) there still are ready made solutions like this pro snake Speaker Twist Adaptor – Thomann Mobile.

    Also, I gave a talk on Friday about our story as a company plus some of our philosophies, values and lessons learned along the way, in case anyone is interested.

    The Story of Darkglass - YouTube

    Thanks again guys for the comments and feedback!
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