For Sale Darkglass, MXR, Korg (price drop)

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    Hey all!

    A couple pedals up for sale. All work GREAT and in good condition. Covid is just hitting hard and we have a baby on the way All prices are PayPal G&S and SHIPPED.

    Here's what I got:

    1) Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra (V1) ($old) - had an upgraded power jack put in - its no longer the floating one. (Pictured)

    2) MXR Bass Compressor ($old)

    3) Korg Pitchblack Mini ($old)

    The B3k has already sold. I'll throw in the button topper with it just because I like you guys. If you buy both the DG and the MXR I'll throw in the korg for free!

    Happy shopping! 20200530_101425.jpg 20200530_101459.jpg
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  2. All thats left is the Darglass AOU! Make me regret listing it =(