Darkglass Tone Capsule V2 Wiring Help.

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  1. Sarovan


    May 28, 2020
    So I am new to wiring up basses. I have recently purchased a Darkglass Tone Capsule V2 active preamp and tried installing it in my ESP B206 myself. The bass makes sound but it's just not very loud compared to the original G & B Co. preamp that came stock. I have thrown together a diagram of how I have everything wired. Forgive me if it's messy. What would be causing such a low volume issue? ESP B206 Darkglass Tone Capsule V2 Wiring Diagram.jpg Closer image.PNG
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    Feb 26, 2000
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    Does each pickup sound louder solo than when the blend is in the middle?
  3. smarthound


    Mar 15, 2020
    Are you sure the blend pot is A250 and not an MN250? On an A, the middle position will only have half or less of each pickup's output available. On an MN, both are on full in the centre position.

    It looks to me as if you've got the output wire and the bridge across the two halves of the blend pot on the wrong ends. Also, only one half of the pot is grounded. Try swapping the wiring of the output as shown in pic. Decide whether you want a grounded blend pot or not, and if you do, bridge the lugs coloured green and ground them.

  4. Hey all. Im currently trying to wire up the Tone Capsule in a new build and I'm having similar issues. Did you ever fix the problem? And also, are those the pot specs you ended up with? I think I may have gotten the wrong pots.
  5. Oh, and since I'm completely new at wiring, when you have these diagrams for wiring the pots, how is the picture oriented? Is that looking from the bottom, with the post down, or post up?

    Yes, I'm very new at wiring.