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    Dec 8, 2009
    i just picked up a used Darkglass Vintage Deluxe V2. it sounds good, but i was surprised to find that the EQ section (Lows, Low Mids, Hi Mids, Treble) affected the overall signal including the clean signal. i had assumed it would only the overdriven signal.

    that seems to indicate that the clean blend comes after the "attack&bite" adjustments and "drive" as the signal flow goes.

    can anyone confirm if that is true of all of the Darkglass Deluxe pedals (including the Alpha Omega)?

    i also noticed that when i'd set this pedal with the blend knob completely counter-clockwise (100% dry) and put all the EQ knobs pointing at noon, there still seemed to be an EQ change when i would compare the "pedal on signal" to the bypassed signal.
    is that normal? if so, where should the EQ be set to be flat/neutral compared to the bypass signal (if the blend knob was set to 100% dry)?
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    Jul 19, 2006
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    Yes the switches run before the drive (and are basically calmly for shaping the driven signal) while the EQ knobs are all after the Blend control, so affect the entire signal that you send out from the Blend. This is the same as on the B7K and Alpha-Omega, and the same with all the Ultra pedals- EQ comes last in the circuit. They are intended to be like preamps as opposed to drive pedals in the more traditional sense, so the EQ is made to shape the unified output signal.
    As far as the clean signal not being completely flat with controls at 12 o’clock, I think this is a combination of different component tolerances and potentially a slight signal boost of your clean when the pedal is activated. Since the EQ isn’t using detented pots, what you see as 12o’clock may be slightly off of the actual neutral value (even possible if the knobs just weren’t installed completely centered). Because of the amount of boost/cut available you might need to tweak the EQ a bit to find the actual neutral position.

    Personally I almost never use any clean blend on the Vintage I have, or very minimal, and given the drive tone is far from transparent the EQ is just something I use to coax it where I want. None of the DG pedals are good at “transparency” or “neutrality” IMO
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