Darkglass Vs. Two Notes Le Bass

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  1. I'm stuck between which preamp I want... I'm looking to pick up either a darkglass (B7K or Alpha Omega) or a Two Notes Le Bass. I'm looking to use this preamp as mainly a tone shaping tool for practice and live to give me more EQ and overdrive as well as a DI. I eventually would like to use it for light demo and cover recordings.

    I'm playing a Ric 4003 and an EBMM Stingray5 into a Mesa D800 and play mostly metal/prog/rock. The Le Bass stands out to me feature wise as have two channels, cab sim and headphone out. What I really want to know is if the Le Bass holds up to the darkglass lineup as far as tone and distortion goes. There isn't too much about this pedal on youtube and the content that is there doesn't have a very accurate tone demonstration. Anyone played or own both of these pedals that can give me the pros and cons of each?
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  2. This is Pickups and Electronics. You will get a better response in the Effects forum.