Darkglass X7 low level distortion

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  1. I purchased a Darkglass X7 and have noticed if I have the low level set at anything over about the 2 o'clock position with the compression maxed it gives almost an octave effect and gives a weird overly distorted signal. This is with the the high level at any position and the volume can be at any level. It becomes worse however if I increase the volume on the pedal or high shelf.

    I thought that maybe I just got a back one since I saw an FAQ on Darkglass's website that addressed this issue. I bought another and it does the same. I'm curious if this is just the nature of the pedal or if I just received two units with issues?
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    Hey man, please contact [email protected] to do some trouble shooting.

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  3. Done. Hopefully it’s an easy fix. Love the tones I can get get out of it. Just wish I could boost the lows and volume more without it farting out.