SOLD Darkglass X7!!! MINT!!!

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    Absolutely mint, brand new condition: includes original box and all candy.

    I picked this up in a work trade with a local studio: I already have one, otherwise there is absolutely no way I'd be selling it :cool:

    Easily one of the best dirt pedal ever made for bass.

    From the manufacturer:

    The Darkglass Microtubes X7 bass preamp pedal nails the recipe for powerful distorted bass that maintains low-end impact. The key to punchy distorted bass is allowing your mids and highs to provide the harmonic drive, while leaving your low fundamentals firm and undistorted. The Microtubes X7 pedal achieves this by splitting your signal to two variable filters before the gain stage, so you can shape your own unique drive tone with just the right combination of boom and bite. Complete with a 4-band graphic EQ for perfecting your midrange character, the Darkglass Microtube X7 bass preamp pedal delivers powerful, tight, defined tones with any bass.

    $270 shipped/PayPal preferred/No Trades