Darkglass X7 vs Alpha Omega Ultra

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  1. Alecu


    Apr 21, 2012
    Bucharest, Romania
    Hi guys,

    I'm looking to sell my Helix and rebuild my pedalboard soon and I still haven't settled on the distortion yet; I'm currently gravitating between the X7 and the Alpha Omega Ultra (or maybe waiting for the X Ultra).

    I'm not planning on relying on the cab sim or the always on feature as I want to get a DSM Noisemaker OmniCabSim at the end of the chain but they would be definitely nice to have.

    Debating between the two distortion types (AO vs X), the X looks better with the different crossover frequencies and comp on the lows but I'm worried it would sound way to aggressive for non-metal/rock stuff, hence the versatility of the A/O knob would come in handy.

    I'm going to test them both next month but I wanted to form an initial impression from you guys.

    Planned pedalboard path:
    Tuner -> Darkglass HL -> DOD Meatbox -> (AOU or X7) -> TC Electronic Sentry -> Digitech Bass Whammy -> DSM Noisemaker OmniCabSim Deluxe

    (any suggestions regarding the other pedals in the chain are welcome as well)
  2. If you dont mind me asking, what made you step away from the helix?

    I haven’t tried the Omnicabsim Deluxe myself and only heard good things about it, but have you thought about using the Torpedo CAB M as an alternative?
    It’s meant to be very versatile; there’s an arcade mode for fast and easy changes and if you want to nerd out you have a ridiculous amount of parameters to change in what I think is called studio mode.

    Might be worth looking into :)

    Edit: heres a video
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  3. for the X7, I go from the high volume around at 3pm for a hardcore drive then down to 9-12 for less drive when required. Haven’t actually tried any of the AO series to compare though. The X7 does it all for me. I want to replace my B3k with an X for low drive settings to compliment the X7
  4. Alecu


    Apr 21, 2012
    Bucharest, Romania
    Mainly because one of my bands is taking it to the next level and this is the part that can be improved the most.
    The reason I sold my old pedalboard and got the Helix in the first place is that I had to also play guitar live with another band and I simply had to compromise by going with a MultiFX or else I wouldn't have sold the pedalboard (had Darkglass B3K, Cali76 TX, DSM Noisemaker OmniCabSim Deluxe)

    I've also looked into the Torpedo CAB M and I'm mainly turned off by its lack of an actual footswitch to disengage the pedal and the fact that it's harder to tweak live (I have to change and save the presets as opposed to simply twisting a few knobs on the OCSD) but I do admit in some areas is better than the OmniCab (it is cheaper and can be found on thomann). I'll have to research some more on this too.
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