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  1. just acquired a mxr blue box. it looks kind of beat up, has a script logo and takes a 3.5mm plug. just curious what decade this was made in. has gunky felt crumbling off the bottom. so long as it works, i don't care. just curious what decade this belongs to. i can provide pics if needed.

    it seems that the led is not turning on, but it works aside from that. as if i couldn't tell when a octave/fuzz was on.......
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    the only way is from the codes on the pots.

    If you look around, you should be able to find a guide that tells you what refers to what.
  4. Well, the originals did not have an LED, but that doesn't mean it wasn't added later. The script reissue ca. 2000 used a 3.5mm plug and had felt on the bottom, so I would guess that would be the culprit. But, the real giveaway would be looking at the circuit board and pots, as Mosfed noted.
  5. Note, pots are an approximation.

    For instance, to get better economies of scale MXR may have excessively ordered X-amount of volume pots for the variety of pedals they made in a particular year, with a surplus at the end of the production run. That excess would be carried over to the next year's production of pedals.
  6. Then again, he's just looking for the decade of production.
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    Yeah I think Milo nailed it. Probably 2000s. I have a newer one. They pretty much all sound the same, I don't know why people spend a lot on the older ones.
  8. is it 18v or higher?