Dating Fender P bass pickups

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    Feb 27, 2020
    Hi Everyone
    I bought a 1978 Antigua P bass last year. (purchased because I loved the sound and how it played).
    I asked at the time if all was original and as it should be under the scratch plate. I was assured that it was all good.
    However, when I recently had a look it seemed that some things had been changed
    There is no metal plate beneath the pickups and it looks like some soldering has been done.
    My main concern is... Are the pickups original.
    I have enclosed some photos for people to have a look
    the serial number is 12588.
    My research suggests that the pickups should be dated around 78 therefore ending in 78. However, it seems that this bass may have been put together as late as 1982 and also it seems to be the case that Fender serial numbers on pickups are inconsistent.
    What do people think? could it be the case that the previous owner replaced the pickups or are these the original?
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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