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Dave Hall Amps UK hand made DHA VT1-MK3 Valve Overdrive

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by thedude77md, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. You don't see one of these on TB so often and it sounds divine, but to be honest, I am downsizing my pedal board and this bad-boy takes up too much room between the power supply and the unit itself.

    This is one of the models hand made in the UK by Dave Hall. Check out all the specs here- three types of clipping, blendable boost, input pad, two modes of coloration, etc. http://www.davehallamps.co.uk/Products, VT1-MK3 Bass.html

    The US production models are different and not hand made by Dave (or in the UK) from my understanding. Check 'em out here:

    You can order this is a custom shop pedal on the US site for $300 (FYI- mine has the bright switch pictured on the US site's custom pedal section which is not shown on the UK site).

    Mine works like a champ but does have a few dings in the finish (the finish is spray painted on so it scratches a but easier). It's in good shape though. There is velcro on the bottom of the unit itself and also on the side of the power supply so it's ready for your board or can easily be removed.


    Only considering trade for a Tech 21 VT Bass + cash.

    Grab it before I change my mind- this thing really does sound incredible, but again I am in down size mode. One of the reviews posted on the US site is from me, actually. Never thought I'd consider letting this puppy go (I do, however, plan on buying one of Dave's amps in the near future!)

    On with the pics!

  2. Price dropped to $200 shipped. I know the economy is in the tank, but I'm surprised some pedal heads here haven't jumped on this puppy.
  3. rosstanium


    Jan 5, 2008
    Endorsing Artist: D'Addario
    bump for a good pedal and a great company...
  4. I changed my mind here after playing with it for the two hours... my LMII sounds like an SVT or an old Hi-Watt depending on the tweaking. I don't care how much real estate this sucker is taking up, it's staying. It sounds too good- not sure what I was thinking here! What I will do, however, is get some clips up in the effects section over the next few days.

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