Dave Holland in Ottawa w/Herbie Hancock

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  1. Anyone else catch Dave Holland with Herbie Hancock in Ottawa last night? Dave did a solo which I swear sounded atleast based on a piece I've heard before but I can't for the life of me remember what its called. I've gone thru my whole Holland collection (although I can't find my copy of Conference of the Birds) and I haven't been able to identify it. Anyone else know? Adrian Cho maybe?

    Dave was playing a bass I haven't seen before with a low C extension and he actually played alot of electric (Fender P-Bass with a humbucker added by the bridge).

    I also caught Renaud Garcia-Fons today. While his technique is phenomenal, it was more flamenco + latin based than jazz and seemed much more composed than improvised. Great music and amazing playing but not really my thing.
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    Thanks for reminding me my business trip to Ottawa was the week before the jazz fest! I got rain and a little food poisoning and no live music at all. But I got the work done, I guess...
  3. It was Walk-A-Way from Seeds of Time. I listened to it on the way to a gig last night and recognized it immediately.