Dave Holland's Not for Nothing cd

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  1. any of you own this release? i'm pretty sure it's his latest.

    i bought it mainly to check out the drummer, billy kilson, who is incredible, but i really liked dave's "Extensions" album, so i thought i should give it a whirl.

    think i need to hear it a few more times, though, coz nothing really stuck out, the way many of the tracks on Extensions did.

    are there other dave holland recordings you folks would recommend?

  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Prime Directive is a must! Points Of View, too. Same 5-tet as the new one(Eubanks does go off, huh?!), Kilson IS one bad mutha! Personally, I prefer Not For Nothing over Extensions...that first tune on NFN-
    WOW! How 'bout Holland's solo! Kilson & Eubanks are killin', too!

    Also, a must-own is Conference Of The Birds...Holland, Sam Rivers, Anthony Braxton, & Barry Altshul. It's don't get much better than that! This album is also recommended for those wanting to get their feet wet as far as Avant/Free Jazz goes(it's 'in' enough?).

    I also like Seeds Of Time...Steve Coleman(sax), Julian Priester(bone) + Marvin "Smitty" Smith.
    The tune, "Gridlock", blows me away!

    I also like Triplicate...a trio(bass+drums+ sax).

    If you notice, Holland likes using groups without a 'chording' instrument(though vibist Steve Nelson of his current 5-tet acts like a Fender Rhodes 'pianist'). I love what Holland's hearing & writing...cool players!

    BTW, Chick Corea's Arc, with Holland & Altschul is nice...kinda/sorta like Circle minus Anthony Braxton(I wish Circle's stuff would be re-issued as I missed out on them the first time).

    ...and, if you're into this Holland thing, you may also like bassist Ben Allison's releases.
    Also, Billy Drummond's Dubai, a 4-tet of Drummond, Peter Washington(bass), Walt Weiskopf(sax), & Chris Potter of the Holland 5-tet, is another in this sorta vibe(again, NO CHORDING INSTRUMENTS NEED APPLY!). ;)
  3. brianrost

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    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    I don't know how many LPs Circle actually recorded under that name but ECM has issued the 2-LP "Paris Concert" on CD.

    While some of the recordings Dave has done for ECM are better than others, I like them all... tempted to say they are ALL essential, even "Life Cycle" where he is playing solo cello.

    Why is this thread in the BG forum instead of DB, by the way?
  4. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Early Circle & Circulus were two of the group's releases...om Blue Note, believe it or not!

    There's also a couple of import titles available(?).

    I have seen the Paris Concert ECM release here in town(I probably need to bite the bullet & pick it up).
  5. Bruce Lindfield

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    I shall get this when I se it in the UK - I saw them live at the release of Prime Directive - great album - but Billy Kilson tended to dominate very much and I struggled to hear Dave Holland except during is solos. :(

    I also like "Dream of the Elders"; but I also find similarities with what Avishai Cohen is doing on his solos albums "Colours" and "Devotion" - intelligent, original Jazz that has good melodies and while challenging isn't too hard to listen to.
  6. ---Why is this thread in the BG forum instead of DB, by the way?---

    coz it was started by a drummer! :p

    thanks a lot for all the insight, people! i've got some good stuff to look into come payday.

    btw...i am also a big steve coleman fan. "myths, modes & means," "black science," "dropkick" and "curves and the way of life" [prob not the x-act title] are all great listening. my drum teacher played on dropkick.


    oh -- if you want to move this to the db forum, go ahead. i'm clueless.
    damn computers!