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  1. Greetings,

    Amazing bassist way under credited IMO Dave Hope of Kansas!

    Song for America
    Point of No Return
    Audio Visions

    This guy has come up with great lines, riffs, rhythms, fills, accompaniments etc... The first four albums are genius IMO get'em and listen if you don't have them.

    99% of great Kansas is not in the radio hits as good as they were it's nothing in the Bass dept though Wayward Son, The Wall, What's on my mind has some great playing.
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    Dave Hope was great. I always dug how he played all that great stuff on a Precision.
  3. Yeah I've been trying to copy his sound for a long time with partial
    luck. He played pick style on a precision and SVT, I'm not sure of anything else?

    I think he was over shadowed by the amazing talent for the rest of the band thus kind of unknown!

    Good bass stuff on the last sample easier to hear!
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    Dave Hope is now an Anglican priest on staff at Immanuel Anglican Church, a member congregation of the Anglican Mission in America, in Destin, Florida. He is currently the head of Evangelism and Outreach. He is also bassist for the praise band The IRS

    Scroll part way down the page of this link. http://www.iacdestin.org/WhoWeAre/leaders.html
  5. I started a similar thread on Dave about a year ago. On of my favourite players, incredible tone and feel.
    I love the middle part of 'Miracles out of Nowhere', very tricky to play precise with a pick.
    I'm off to listen to 'Song for America' now...:hyper:
  6. Greetings

    Yeah I know that tune it's tricky!

    The funny things is I've been trying for years to be able to play a lot his stuff and it's so darn hard it makes you cry! :crying: All his tone also seemed to have a very short or fast decay for pick playing also making it hard to copy.

    What might be your favorite tune or Album bass wise???

    All of Song for America album is amazing like a symphony what do you think?
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  8. My favourite album of their's has to be Leftoverture, but my favourite track has to be Lightning's Hand, form Point of Know Return. It's a killer to play along to, I love it.

    I saw them live a couple of years ago, they opened with Belexes and went straight into Lightning's Hand. I was happy:hyper:
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    Man, I always thought his basslines were an underappreciated component of Kansas' sound while he was still with them (however, Billy Grier is no slouch either!). I was sad to see him leave the band, but he left for a good reason and is doing something he believes in so it was hard to knock him for it, but I was really happy to see him come back and contribute to Somewhere to Elsewhere.

    I've always chimed in with his name in every "Underrated Bassist" thread I've seen and his name has always been the first name in the "Influences" section of my profile.

    EDIT - As far as my favorite albums go, I think Song For America takes it. But Leftoverture is also a phenomenal album from start to finish and Masque has some great material as well. Over time I've also grown to really like Somewhere to Elsewhere over time, but that may also due to the "classic" lineup being back together.

    On a realted topic, has anyone ever listened to Proto-Kaw, Kerry Livgren's revival of an older Kansas lineup (the classic lineup is maybe the third or so, at least based on what I've read). It's pretty good also.
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    I saw Kansas in their original lineup many times "back in the day" - (yeah, I'm an old bastage!) Dave Hope was always a killer player, and one of my original bass heros. Song for America is an amazing album, as is Masque and their first record. For Christmas last year, my kids got me a four CD Kansas compolation. Great stuff!
  11. I like them all the albums well so whatever's your favorite is mine too.

    I liked Seeds of Change Kerry's 1st Solo album but I'm not a big fan of Proto-Kaw.

    Billy's a really good player for sure, but he's still a copy cat in my mind Dave Hope's the man!

  12. I saw them many times in the original line up from Masque to Monolith. The best concert for me was the Leftoverture Tour in 75/76. I never saw anything like that in my life I was blown away.

    So awesome, so underrated!
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    My favorite Kansas album, by far, is "Two for the Show". Actually, it's my favorite live album by anyone.

    For some vintage Dave Hope, listen to the interlude from "Portrait" to "Carry On My Wayard Son", on TFTS. Tremendous skills. Also shows the tightness of the band in their heyday.
  14. Commreman

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    I saw that tour as well. They OPENED with Song for America! One of the best live shows I've ever been to. I had seats a few rows up behind the stage. It was like being ON stage with them. They were absolutely on fire during that tour!

  15. I still have that on vinyl, need to get the CD.
  16. If you check my "bio" you'll see Hope was one of my influences. I saw Kansas backing up Queen during Queen's Sheer Heart attack tour('73?). I went to see Queen but was blown away by Kansas. The crowd just kinda sat there with thier mouths hanging open as they played the whole Song for America album :D
    It was as close to perfect as you can get. I went out and got the album the next day and still have it. Over 30 years later (gawd I'm old) it still stands the test of time. It was way ahead of it's time recording wise. The bass can actually be felt as well as heard. Huge sound. I'll admit after Livgren left I kinda lost interest in the music they were making. Just didn't have the same sound that turned me on in the first four or five albums. The remixes of some of thier songs(Best of Kansas I think) arent' very good imho. They seem soaked in reverb. The original albums were drier and had more edge.

    Incidentally after thier first back up appearance here they came back two weeks later and headlined thier own show. I had front row tickets for that one:cool:
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    I saw Kansas several times in the late 70s early 80s, excellent shows all.

    Dave's work with Kerry Livgren after Kansas is also amazing.
  18. You said it all!;)