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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Dave Grossman, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. I thought I'd start a new thread for my NAMM pics. I have hundreds of pics from the past few weeks. Only about 140 of them are from the show. The rest are of The Trey Gunn Band, and other Warr showcase performers in Anahem and in San Francisco the following week. I'll try to post a few pics a day.

    To start off, here are some of my favorite pics:

    My friend and builder of my basses, the one and only Pete Hanewinckel!


    who also happens to be an acquaintence of Stephen Sukop ( playing one of his killer basses which I got to jam on for like 15 minutes ... more pics of that one later! ):


    Pete and Stephen also seemed to be acquaintences one of the most unique bass luthiers, Ken Bebensee!


    Last but not least, there is Ken Lawrence playing a really killer bass which he let me try out just prior to me taking the picture. Really nice guy ( as were Pete, Stephen and Ken ).



  2. Here's a bonus pic of Ken Lawrence with ... well ... who else could it be?


    - Dave
  3. I got my pictures back a little while ago. Very bass shots turned out because the camera I used for shooting just basses got all screwed up (damn desposeables!) The rest I have are just famous people and playboy models, when I get my hands on a cord for my scanner I'm sure some of you guys might get a kick out of em.

    I just noticed that my pic with Bill Dickens didn't come out either :mad:
  4. jasonbraatz

    jasonbraatz Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2000
    Walnut Creek, CA
    did you say...............

    playboy models?


  5. EString


    Nov 20, 2000
    Los Altos, CA
  6. I'm sorry but, who's that Jamaican looking guy in your last pic? Is he a famous bass player that I not sure of?:p
  7. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
    Gallien Krueger for the last 12 years!
    Nah, he's not that important.................JUST THE GODFATHER OF FUNK AND THE CREATOR OF PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC!!! That's George Clinton!!!

    "Yo, this is Mood Control, saying you might as well pay attention, because you can't afford free speech. Mood Control is designed to render funkable ideas brought to you by the makers of Mr. Prolong, better known as Urge Overkill. The pimping of the pleasure principle."
  8. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    He even has his name on his jacket. Duh. :rolleyes: :p
  9. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Inactive

    Mar 8, 2000
    Gaithersburg, Md
    DR Strings
    I thought that was the designer... someone looking to take some of Tommy Hilfiger's business;)
  10. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Oh, OK... :oops:

    That Sukop shirt sure looks nifty! :D
  11. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    I like the Hanewinckel! (Bass, not the Guy)
  12. Thanks for taking the time to post the pics!

    Did you play any of the Babensee basses? His designs are very unique. He does great things with wood. Any comment on how they play/sound?

  13. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Well, based on that design, Tommy Boy better look out!:eek: :D
  14. You're welcome.

    No, I didn't get a chance to try out Ken's basses. I could have but there were other people who were also interested and I had just jammed on a Sukop for a while so I didn't bother. Perhaps next year ...

    I did hear someone play one of his fretless basses and it sounded really good. It's hard to really judge it in that loud environment though.

    - Dave
  15. Some more pics:

    A Sukop. Nice! That's the one I played for a while. Played and sounded great.


    A Warrior. Beautiful instrument!


    A really sweet Warwick.


    A Spector 6-string. I had never seen a Spector 6-string before. Nice!


    More to come soon!

    - Dave
  16. Drooling Now, thanks alot Dave
  17. More pics ...

    A really really nice Hanewinckel 6-string ( I think it's for sale! )


    a close-up of the Hanewinckel


    a close-up of the Sukop


    A nice Bebensee


    - Dave
  18. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    WOW! That top has as much quilt figure as it does burl. That is sweet!
  19. Here's some more ...

    DSC07059.jpg DSC07065.jpg
    DSC07072.jpg DSC07081.jpg

    - Dave
  20. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Inactive

    Mar 8, 2000
    Gaithersburg, Md
    DR Strings
    I recognize three of those, Dave... what's the one on the lower right?

    BTW, excellent pictures.
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