SOLD David Eden Traveler 550C bass head amplifier!! Mint !!!

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    For sale a mint condition David Eden Traveler 550C bass head amplifier !!! It barely has 10 hours of playing time and is in brand new condition, really !!! I have the original packaging box and unopened rack ears as well !!! They sell for more than 1000$ in stores plus taxes and shipping brand new and mine is more than mint, no scratches, no flaws, nothing but perfect condition!!! It looks, sounds like a brand new one ! Eden quality is highly recognized by pros around the world !!! it can deliver up to 750 watts of pure bass tone at 2 ohms and is very portable and lightweight!!!

    Asking 550$ US Funds plus shipping which will be minimal. The head will be well packed !!! Actually, it will ship in its original packaging so it cannot be better !!!

    Check my profile and feedback. It speaks by itself !!! You can rest assured of a smooth and easy transaction !

    You'll find the Eden WT550 Traveler to be unsurpassed in its combination of compact size and big power. The hybrid tube design is rated at 750W at 2 ohms with a minimum of 3dB of headroom. Standard features include low-noise circuitry design, -12dB input pad, switchable automatic compression, 5-way semi-parametric tone control, mono pre and stereo post tone control effects loops, stereo aux inputs, DI out with ground lift, headphone out, tuner out, and a thermostatically controlled fan.

    300/500/750W RMS power @ 8, 4, and 2 ohms

    3dB of headroom
    Low-noise circuitry
    -12dB input pad
    Switchable automatic compression
    5-way semi-parametric tone control
    Mono pre and stereo post tone control effects loops
    Stereo aux inputs
    DI out with ground lift
    Headphone out
    Tuner out
    A bass amp of class and distinction, plus it's practical, too. Order the WT550 today.


    WT550 Traveler Bass Head
    Power (8, 4, 2 ohms): 300/500/750W RMS
    Distortion: <.05%
    Frequency Response: 10Hz - 15KHz ±2dB
    Headroom: 3dB
    Dimensions: 12"W x 3-1/2"H x 12"D
    Weight: 20 lb.

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  2. I shipped to the USA on several occasions in the past and you can rest assured that the amplifier will be well packed everyone !
  3. Price reduction: 600$ for a mint mint condition EDEN 550C head amplifier !!!
  4. A great deal for a mint 2012 model !!!!!
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    Interested to know why you are selling it?
  6. Hi ! I am going back to Fender amps. I have the Fender 410 Pro Neo cab and wants to simply have a matching head, and will most likely end up with the Bassman 100T head. The EDEN is superb, however I am more of an all tube guy after all !!!
  7. Can't believe this pristine unused amp is still with me!!! TTT
  8. PM's replied.

    No trades please. Straight sale. TTT
  9. Price drop..... 575$.... For an unused mint condition Traveler 550C head!

  10. TTT guys !!! EDEN quality !!!
  11. Last price DROP: 550$
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    Shipping cost to West Fargo, ND, 58078?
  13. Hi. Roughly 50$. Well packed. Could not be better, it is in the original packaging !!!
  14. TTT. I got something lined up and want to sell that beauty minty amp soon.
  15. Help me out here everyone! This is a unit that has less than 10 hours of playing time!
  16. How much does this head weigh?
  17. Hi.

    20 pounds, and it is very easy to carry, as the head is small. I also have the rack ears included and never used.

    You get full 20 pounds of pure EDEN quality tone!!
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  18. PM's answered. Still available. I shot a short video of the head turned on and a quick bass lick !!!
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