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    Jessie Vest's tone here, on his Spector, is nothing short of ridiculous. What a freakin' JAMMIN' bastard band out of hell, and so severely underrated. They certainly had AIC and Soundgarden influences, but my God, they should've been as big. These guys jammed harder than both bands, and with all acoustic music, too (for the most part).

    I haven't watched this vid since it came absolute gem of a glimmer in time to a band that should've been recognized so much more. The talent these guys had was frightening. This whole performance REALLY kills:

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    The Orange album is one of my all time favorites. Every single song is awesome!

    Too bad Travis Meeks was a controlling nutjob and meth addict. He was actually on the 1st season (I think the 1st) of Intervention. The rest of the guys went on to form Tantric, although not as good.

    It's funny you mention AIC. Mike Starr was the bassist for a very short time before he died.
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    "These guys jammed harder than both bands"

    Thats an opinion Ive never heard before. You'd have to post another video to convince me of that one. This concert sounds like the same 45 minute song. I do remember these guys along with countless other bands riding the wave of AICs successes. Godsmack etc, list goes on..
  4. They definitely had a cool flavor on the first album and I liked 'Enemy'...but I think it'd be a better idea for someone new to pick up and run with than anything worth personal obsession over.

    Acoustic metal/rock shouldn't just be ballads...