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Daytona - what to do???

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by iplaybassguitar, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone.
    So, in my 20th year, on spring break from school, i am flying to florida to spend the week with my parents in their semi-geriatric wintertime lifestyle.
    They keep asking me what i want to do.
    I dont really know of what there is to do, and after googling for hours and not really discovering too much of interests, i am now reaching out to locals and fellow travelers. What might be of interest for a young bass player in the Daytona area.

    I am not just asking for bass-related results.
    Possible areas of interest include:
    -Music(Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Jam, Dub, Blues, but, really open to everything)(send me somewhere to hear that gritty swamp stuff)
    -Bass (of course)
    -A good book(store?)(Thompson, Kesey, Robbins....)
    -Nature (good hikes?) or nature-related sightseeing, possibly
    -Art, or any good museum.
    -General sightseeing <-- only if its really cool

    I went last year and we did some pretty obvious stuff. we took a day to Universal Studios, saw historic St. Augustine, Nasa. not that any of that stuff is actually in Daytona, but you get the point.

    Sorry if im being demanding, i just dont want to hang around the pool on the senior citizen natural wildlife preserve for too long, i may lose the rest of my mind.
  2. spark_chaser


    Nov 15, 2008
    Sanford, FL
    I use to live in daytona for about 5 years...the music scene is dead except for the occasional classic rock and Jamaican cover band. This city is not much for the arts aspect, there is a museum of science on the corner of International and nova road. unless you want to party or lay on the beach, Daytona does not offer much. your best bet is Orlando.

    And go to Bass Central!

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