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DB Classified Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by TroyK, Aug 4, 2014.

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    Talkbass does not charge a fee, take a commission, or have any other commercial interest in sales through these classifieds. Similarly, Talkbass does not insure or otherwise mitigate your risk as commercial auction sites might and accepts no liability for losses incurred as the result of classifieds transactions. All transactions are private deals between members. Moderators do occasionally get asked to mediate minor disputes, which we are happy to do up to a point. Please familiarize yourself and comply with these terms and conditions prior to participating in these classified forums.

    If you are the buyer, consider your own comfort level with the transaction you are about to make, as explained above it is a private transaction between you and another member. Membership on the DB side of TB is much smaller and less fluid than on the BG forums. Many members have a long history and personal reputation here and in the DB community that they will not risk with an untoward classifieds transaction. The decision is yours as the buyer regarding choosing to enter into a transaction with another member. If you use an on-line payment service such as PayPal to complete the transaction, you MAY have some protections through their program, but please review their policies before deciding to transact.

    You must have a current Supporting Membership Subscription to post items for sale in the classifieds. You are expected and required to deal fairly and honestly with the buyer and the community in your dealings.

    Non-supporting members can post a Wanted ad for Double Basses, Amps, and Accessories.

    Commercial users may not use the public "For Sale" classifieds forums to post products or services, unless prior permission is granted from the forum's moderator and board owner.

    Method of payment is negotiated between the seller and the buyer.

    Shipping costs and method should be a negotiated part of the arrangement and can be shared or assumed by either party.

    Items posted FOR SALE must include an asking price. Items posted FOR TRADE must list trade criteria that you honestly would consider. Threads that don't meet these criteria but instead come with a statement like "feeler" or "PM With Offer" will be closed and/or deleted.

    Your post may be bumped once every 24 hours.

    Keep in mind that you’re dealing with speciality items to a limited market. You’re in the right place to sell DB specific items, but you may need to be patient.

    Your item may be listed on auction sites or at other consumer point-of-sale locations, but you may not advertise or link to those listings in a Talkbass Classified ad and the item must also be for sale here. If your other listing prevents you from selling directly to a Talkbass member, you may not have both listings active concurrently.

    Price and terms of the deal may be negotiated in a private conversation between members. Please do not question, challenge or attempt to negotiate the price or terms in the thread. Relevant questions about the item or it's condition are permitted in thread replies, but you may not make disparaging remarks about the item or it's value.

    Posting “PM Sent” in the thread preceding a private conversion is a commonly accepted practice and may help the seller determine a right of first refusal order, but ultimately the seller can chose to whom to sell and the buyer can chose from whom to purchase. There is no first come, first served obligation.

    When your item sells, please close the thread by clicking the "Mark Sold" button in the upper right corner of the window. The thread will be moved to the DB Classifieds Archive.

    Feedback following a transaction will be valuable information for the next member considering a deal. Please leave honest and balanced feedback for the member with whom you transacted following the deal.

    Each sub-forum under the Talkbass Doublebass Classifieds has a stated purpose regarding what items should be listed for sale. Generally, items unrelated to the forum description should not be listed. If you are not sure that the item you wish to sell or use as a trade with another member is appropriate, please contact a moderator, or site administration via the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

    Sales of Firearms, controlled substances, and counterfeit items are not permitted on Talkbass. Other items may be disallowed at the judgement of forum moderators.

    Violations of any of these rules may result in warnings, infractions, suspensions, banishment, or other creative consequences at our discretion.

    Honestly, this is a nice feature and service. We want you all to make good use of it and don’t want to have to moderate it. If we do have to get involved, our responses may be just or wildly unpredictable. Best to just make good decisions, follow the rules, and respect the Talkbass community.
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