DBX 163X vs. others

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  1. I'm looking into buying a compressor. I don't mind spending around 200 but would rather not if I don't have to. I'd also like to get something rack mountable if its possible. I'm looking at EBS multicomp, EHX whitefinger, Demeter compulator and DBX compressors. I'd get the more expensive ones used if they're available. Anyway my question is, would getting an older DBX 163X be worth the money I'd save? I'd fit in my empty rackspace and I could save like 150. I don't need the very best but I'd like a good, lasting peice of equipment that would tighten up my sound. I'm going for a slightly Hi-Fi sound if it makes a difference. Also, whats the advantage of putting two DBX 163x's in one rackspace, ive seen them available like this alot.
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    I know a lot of people who were heartbroken when they quit making the 163x. It's an absolutely killer cheap compressor that was all the rage in the mid 80's when it came out. I guess they were able to reduce the size so that's probably why they eventually went to a 266x single rack space.