SOLD DBX 166XL Compressor / Gate $95.00 shipped

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  1. drobinsn


    Feb 15, 2007
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Two channel DBX 166XL Compressor / Gate in good condition with the exception of a few minor rack scratches on top and bottom. Fully functional in all respects. It works great to tighten up you low frequencies to prevent excessive speaker cone excursion. It is inexpensive speaker insurance if other people play on your rig at jam sessions and such. Set the compression ratio at about 1:3, bump the threshold back about 10-15db and you are good to go. I was using it in between an Ampeg SVPLCL preamp and a Stewart 1.6 power amp. It is also great for PA and recording applications. Includes power cord. Asking $95.00 shipped in conus. PayPal preferred.

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