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DBX 166XL settings?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by PanteraFan, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. I'll soon be getting one of these and an Aphex 204, and selling my Boss LMB-3(which has served me well but let's face it, isn't pro level).

    The range of settings available on the 166XL is mind boggling, choices between Overeasy/Hard Knee, with or without Contour and using the Auto mode on the Attack/Release stage adds up to a pretty complicated setup, without even considering the normal controls!

    From what I've seen in the manual they recommend 10-12dB @ 4:1, with the Attack and Release at no lower than 2 o'clock. These are where I'll start and I'll tweak for my own setup, but I just wanted some opinions/experiences with the Auto, Overeasy and Contour switches. Which is best for bass?

    The Hard Knee setting sounds like it might not be too great for bass, might be too 'squished' sounding. I want my compressor to add punch and sustain. OverEasy sounds like it will have the best effect?

    Contour I think depends on how bass heavy your signal is, mine isn't too bad(I cut bass at the preamp), I'll leave it out and see if the signal is too wimpy with it out.

    Auto setting on the Attack/Release sounds like it could be cool, but the way it's talked about in the manual suggests to me that it's designed for a mixdown and not individual instrument use?

    I've done a search on 166XL's here and I couldn't find answers that were really specific enough.