For Sale/Trade dbx Over Easy Compressor (163A); SKB 1-space rack

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  1. dcr

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    Hey guys!

    Anybody out there need a compressor? I picked this dbx Over Easy Comp up as part of a bundled purchase at a price I couldn't resist. It's in really good shape and works as it should. The 163A is a half-rack unit and also comes with the OEM rack adapter. $75 OBO shipped.

    The SKB rack is one-space tall and full depth of approximately 19". Also in great shape. The previous owner used it to store the Over Easy Compressor listed above. $75 OBO shipped.

    I've listed prices only because they say I have to. Have no idea what these might be worth and I have ZERO use for them, so feel free to make offers.

    I'll gladly trade for just about anything, from partial trades for strings to gig and gear bags to quality folding and fixed blade knives and other outdoor gear to AR15 parts and things that go "pew pew pew".

    If I get any interest, I'll post pix shortly. If not, I'll post pix when I get to it.

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    May 29, 2005
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    Hi dcr,

    I look forward to receiving the Compressor.
    I owned a 163x previously and have regretted selling it ever since.
    I wanted the 163A version this time as it has the IEC option and better knobs plus made in the USA.

    Its really too bad DBX isn't still making these.