DC59 Wiring

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  1. Yes I know this is a bass forum and I'm asking about a guitar. I've seen about 5 different stacked know wiring diagrams for a Danelectro DC59 and none seem correct. Actually they aren't because once wired it doesn't work. Would any of you happen to have a diagram or be willing to draw one up for me? I just want two tone over volume to a three way switch going to the output. Thanks
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    Oct 12, 2011
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    Two pickups, two volumes, two tone controls and a 3-way pickup switch is an EXTREMELY common wiring scheme for electric guitars. Almost all Gibson electric guitars are wired this way, so any wiring diagram for a Gibson Les Paul, SG, or ES-335 will work. The only difference is one diagram for an earlier Danelectro shows 'odd' pot values: 100K for volume and 1 megohm for tone.