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    Does anyone know how easy or difficult it is to de-fret a bass with a 'synthetic' type fretboard such as the Status 'Phenolic' or 'Ebonol' as used by Cort etc, also, is this type of material effective as a fretless (i.e. is it capable of producing the desirable Mwahhh!)

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    Sep 9, 2001
    I defretted a graphite-necked Steinberger bolt-on. I used pretty much the usual defret technique and had moderate chipping of the phenolic.

    The trick was to go back and resurface the board with black dyed epoxy. Overall, I was very impressed with how well it turned out.

    From a Sporting Goods (gun-type) store get "Brownell's Accra-Glass liquid (not gel) which comes with black dye. It's an expoxy designed to have minimal shrink for inletting rifle stocks. About $13 for a box was enough for my neck (2 coats). I built a dam around the edges with masking tape and poured on the liquid. When it was all setup, I sanded it back with a radiu sanding block and findally 0000 steel wool. I went to a hobby store and found some 1/8" white plastic rod used by model railroad folks for something; made perfect white side dots on the old fret lines.

    I played it for a year or so, ground roundwounds, with little marking; pretty hard stuff, and great tone I thought.
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