De Rosa - has anyone ever heard of this company?

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  1. I am doing cash/trade thing on local CL for an Ibanez 5 string and the thing offered in trade is a Bass made by a company called DeRosa. I have never heard of this name before. The bass itself is a viola bass, like the McCartney/Beatle bass, it looks ok and appears to be in good working order. I really just want to know what kind of value the thing has. He said he got it new for $ I'm guessing it's not worth much....but you never know, maybe its some old 60s relic or I thought I would ask. any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    DeRosa basses are made in China. They are equivalent to the Jay Turser, Rogue, Brownsville, Douglas Beatle basses. It may even be made in the same factory. $250 is about the top end for what they are worth new. I wouldn't pay more than $175 used. It's definitely not a '60s relic.
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    Pictures would be great.
  6. thanks for the info about the company. I could post a pic, but it is mega huge and I don't think is worth it to resize, etc. since I was just looking for the basic info...which was helpfully provided.
    Thanks again!
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    Nov 10, 2015
    De Rosa bass sells for $149 new.

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