Dead Jack Casady... HELP!

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  1. My gold top jack casady recently died. No output at all. I checked everything I know to check and couldn’t figure out the exact problem. My tech now has it and he said the transformer/inductor, whatever it is, has signal going in, but none coming out. It’s fully epoxied, so he can’t do anything with it.

    My problem is, I cannot find parts ANYWHERE for a Jack casady. There is no part number, model name, nothing marked on this transformer. Can anyone help?
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    Second one in a week. Based on the digging I've done with respect to the other thread, neither Gibson nor Epiphone will provide any help whatsoever if your instrument is out of warranty. Novak may have a replacement part, as he makes similar replacement wiring harnesses. Can't hurt to ask?

    You'd think that if they wanted to keep the $3 part they're using secret by gooping it into a metal can, that they'd expose quick connect spade terminals or somesuch so that it doesn't break over the course of normal use.
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    That thread title startled me! Sorry about your bass, but glad it's not the actual person who died.
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  5. Sorry about that!
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    Oh, no worries man. My heart just sunk for a second. I mean, this has been a rough enough year as it is. We need told hold on to as many musical treasures as we can :thumbsup:.
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