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dead note?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by K-townbasso, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. hello everybody.
    I am playing in the local community college production of victor victoria
    (my jazz band director is conducting the pit so i got asked to play first, lucky me). the music itself isnt the problem tho, or i wouldnt be posting under strings. enough rambling, i am using an old kay upright and what i believe to be helicores(?) well they have a purple and yellow winding at the bottom by the tailpiece if that helps. the guy who put them on, the other bassist at my high school who just graduated, said i should probably replace them and i want to, but i aint got no cash, and the shows in a few days. 2 problems with them:
    the g sounds really thin on pizz, almost twangy, and on arco it is very scratchy and harsh. i realize this is sometimes normal with the g string but its very extreme. the other issue, the one that really bothers me, is the fact that the e-flat on the d string is very dead, and does not sound out at all almost. it sounds like the bottom dropped out of the band when this note craps out, so if anybody has any bright ideas as to what might be causing this, wether it be the pickup (no idea what it is, its from the school as well, it has 2 transducers that are shaped sort of like half moons that go on the brodge, 1 between the e and a, the other between the d&the g,and it has a wire running from the transducers to a jack that clips between the strings under the bridge)
    sorry for the excessively long post, just wanted to be sure i described the problem with sufficient detail to give a full idea of whats going on.
    any replies are appreciated, and the sooner the better :help:
  2. anonymous0726

    anonymous0726 Guest

    Nov 4, 2001
    Eb isn't a common spot for a wolf tone, I don't think, but it's possible. Read up on those. You can do a search of this board and get a lot of info. You have the old Fishman pickup, which will sound awful with the bow.

    As far as the Eb, you could have a funny spot on the finger board or something. Is the Eb on the A bad as well?
  3. the Eb on the a is fine, but last night it was really gettin wierd on me, sometimes the Eb on the d sounded fine, then sometimes it was dead. wierd huh? and yea, the arco sounds pretty funky on that pickup :meh: well i guess i can make due, might try playing it on the a if possible, but i might just stick to the dead note, as i havent played upright that long (since october?) thanks for the input.