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Dead Obligatos

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Gideon, Aug 22, 2001.

  1. I thought I'd submit my own small data point for folks considering new strings. While the strings were alive, they were great. I really enjoyed both the arco and pizz tone. I couldn't have been happier with them (well, a nicer bass would probably make me happier with the strings but...)

    My Obligatos have separated. It appears that the winding is rotating around the synthetic core. Kind of a bummer. I would say the life span for these was about 4-5 months. I practice an hour a day, although lately I've been up around 2-3 hours (tech layoffs are a good thing as far as I'm concerned). I gig at least once a week and no more than 3 times in a week. My practice is all arco, gigging is all pizz.

  2. Don Higdon

    Don Higdon In Memoriam

    Dec 11, 1999
    Princeton Junction, NJ
    That life span coincides with my experience. It's a shame. They sound so good, and are so versatile.
  3. I had a set put on about a month ago, and I love their sound, both arco & piz. - but from what you say, my joy may be short-lived... bummer (@ ~$100/shot)!

    - Wil
  4. It didn't initially occur to me that the winding separation could be the problem until Don's suggestion (under a different thread). I then got some local opinions and the consensus was that the strings were cashed.
    Now, can anyone recommend some good arco/pizz strings for a fairly poor englehardt? Right now I'm thinking about the corellis.
  5. I sometimes think that people do not read the various posts put up here.

    I have had Innovations on my bass since the first week in June. They far surpass Obligatos and all of the other strings that I have tried. Arco, they have a much greater volume and response especially on the A & E. Pizz, the same can be said for volume and sustain while still having that soft feel that you have with the Obligatos.

    At this point I am extemely satisfied with the Innovation 140B. I would feel very comfortable and confidant using these strings in any venue.



    After checking your Bio I would be very interested if anyone else have tried the Innovations on a plywood bass. When I started playing again, I rented a cheap plywood from a local music store. My teacher quickly recommended changing the strings to Helicores. It didn't help, I was still a lousy bass player. Thinking back, these strings ( Innovations ) may have helped that bass.
  6. :( Mine is the same sad story as the others. After six months, my Obligatos are shot. I loved the sound of those strings, but I don't know if I want to be replacing them so often! I am considering either another set of Obligatos, or trying these
    innovation strings that oldsaw keeps raving about. One question though, how does the tension on the 140B set compare with the obligato strings?
  7. Don Higdon

    Don Higdon In Memoriam

    Dec 11, 1999
    Princeton Junction, NJ
    I asked this a week or two ago. Somebody? HELLO?

    I feel like I owe everybody on the board a hundred bucks.:(
  8. Reedo,

    Great to see you're back. The tensions are very similar in both brands.


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