dead stingray E string

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  1. I've recently bought a second hand 2005 stingray 4 and while the A and D strings sound just like I thought they would the E string sounds dull and lifeless. I've tried 3 sets of strings, Elixir, Stadium Elites and Rotosound steels and it's the same story although the sound fine on my MIM Jazz, I play with a pick, any ideas anybody
  2. I take it you've tried a new battery?

    Checked the pickup isnt set too high?
  3. It is rubbish, you have been cheated on ... but I'll help you with taken over that piece of junk for a reasonanble price of ... let's say 150$ :D

    Or you can check out that battery :p
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    the big question is. does it sound dead unplugged?

    if it does not, check your battery.
  5. tried a new battery and played around with the pick up height, if it was the battery wouldn't it effect the A and D strings as well?
  6. +1

    does it?
  7. I would've thought so but you never know :)
  8. I had a dead E string on my P bass. I tried pick up height etc and no dice.

    The issue ended up being the way the string was wound onto the peg. There weren't enough winds on the peg to get the string pulling down hard onto the nut. I found that the F the G and A on the E string all sounded great just not the open E - which sort of ruled out the pick up. I unwound the E string and forced it down the peg while rewinding it on and hey presto - thunderous open E!!

    I purchased new strings and ensured I had 3 winds on to the peg and it was all good!

    Keep us posted - I am really interested to hear what solves your problem.
  9. had another play around and it's definately not the battery, when I play it unplugged the E and G strings don't sound as lively as the A and D, I was aware of G string issues before I bought it, but what I did discover is that if I play it with my fingers instead of a pick it sounds ok so it's probably an eq problem.