Dean EAB Playmate

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    Aug 30, 2001
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Has anyone ever played one of these acoustic basses sold for $149.00 on Musician's Friend? For this price, I would consider buying one just to have around the house. It has a 34" scale and it might be hard to find a case/gig bag to fit it.

  2. brainritchie420


    Feb 7, 2010
    so, i would 1st like to say that i did only get this like wensday (today being a sunday) but i have been playing it non-stop. i did get the fretless and i would recomend this any day. even though i hate dean most the time, this beast is a perfect fit. it has a suprising upright sound but can seamlesly switch to punk and even (depending on sub genre of metal). i really just love it to death and would recomend this to anyone that would ever consiter going acoustic. and finally, yes it is impossible to case. i gaurantte that u have no idea how huge it is until you pick it up and play it is massive. like if you know the ernie ball earthwood, it is a step down from there.