Dean Edge 2 thoughts?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FloridaTim, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. FloridaTim


    May 29, 2013
    Kissimmee, FL
    I just saw one of these at a local pawn shop. Looked great (one scratch on the back plastic and a black smudge about an inch long close to neck pocket. Nothing big). Set up well and played well, although I haven't plugged it in yet. Neck felt good and easy to play.

    Passive, Made in China.

    Could probably get them down to $120 (asking $129 after a couple of reductions already). MF has them listed new for $219.

    Any known issues? Good or bad experiences? General thoughts?

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  2. B-Mac

    B-Mac Just like Aretha Sang... R-E-S-P-E-C-T Supporting Member

    Edge 2 is not passive
    They are two band active with vol/blend/bass/treble

    However the Edge 2 Vintage is passive with vol/vol/tone/tone

    @Sub-Frequency has an Edge 3
    Which is similar but 3 band active

    Fast necks

    Check out DEAN CLUB!!!

    Dean Edge 2 Vintage Natural
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  3. FloridaTim


    May 29, 2013
    Kissimmee, FL
    From MF website.
    Active or passive pickups: Passive
    Pickup configuration: HH
    Neck: Not applicable
    Middle: DMT Design MM-Style
    Bridge: DMT Design MM-Style
    Brand: Dean
    Series or parallel: Info not available
    Active preamp: Not applicable
    Special electronics: Not applicable

    And I didn't see a battery compartment on the back.
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  4. FloridaTim


    May 29, 2013
    Kissimmee, FL
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  5. B-Mac

    B-Mac Just like Aretha Sang... R-E-S-P-E-C-T Supporting Member

    See above....I wasn’t quite finished

    It’s odd that only the Edge 2 Vintage is passive and the remainder of the Edge 2’s are active

    The main reason for the ‘2’ designation was for 2 band active

    Really no different than an Edge 1 except the additional tone control
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  6. If you like the way it feels and plays, then take it. Dean basses are great basses for the money. Getting it at $120 would be a bonus too. I have a Dean Edge 09 bass, and despite playing more expensive instruments, I always go back to the dean. Just the way the body sits and the neck feels.
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  7. B-Mac

    B-Mac Just like Aretha Sang... R-E-S-P-E-C-T Supporting Member

    I own quite a few Dean basses and love them....especially their necks

    The new Edge 1 six string is something I’m interested in
  8. B-Mac

    B-Mac Just like Aretha Sang... R-E-S-P-E-C-T Supporting Member

    For $129 that’s a steal and easily modifiable

    Did you actually get to play it?
  9. Sub-Frequency


    Sep 19, 2017
    If it's in good shape $130 is a good price. The edge series has a thin body and thin neck......a lot like the Ibanez S series guitars from years back. They are a lot of bang for the buck. The tuners and pickups are the weak links in that line, but they are easily upgradeable. :thumbsup:
  10. B-Mac

    B-Mac Just like Aretha Sang... R-E-S-P-E-C-T Supporting Member

    The Dean Edge 2 don't show up in my catalog collection until 2017 model year.
    DeanCatalog2017_Mobilev2 80.jpg DeanCatalog2017_Mobilev2 81.jpg


    DeanCatalog2019 92.jpg DeanCatalog2019 93.jpg
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  11. B-Mac

    B-Mac Just like Aretha Sang... R-E-S-P-E-C-T Supporting Member

    I currently own 28 Dean basses. My favorites are the USA models, Czech models and the 32" scale Performer ABG basses.

    1. Dean Exotica Quilt Ash (2013) A/E w/Aphex® Gloss Natural 34-inch bought new
    2. Dean Exotica Quilt Ash (2015) A/E w/Aphex® Gloss Trans Black Fretless 34-inch bought new
    3. Dean Rhapsody 8 String Bubinga/Mahogany (2016) Gloss Active 34-inch bolt-on bought new
    4. Dean Performer A/E Dean EQ-7545 Preamp Satin Natural solid top Spruce/Mahogany 32-inch bought used (1999)
    5. Dean Exotica Radiant A/E Shadow P7 Preamp GN solid top Spruce/Mahogany 32-inch (2003) bought used
    6. Dean Jeff Berlin Burled Walnut top (Czech) Barts badass II Passive 34-inch (1999) bolt-on bought used
    7. Dean Edge Pro Active BadAss II Bridge Dean Soap Bars neck-thru Brass Nut Sunburst 34-inch (2006) bought used
    8. Dean Sledehammer Ash 4 String Active (2007) bolt-on bought used
    9. Dean Hardtail (2008) 4 string black neck-thru 34-inch brass nut Active EMGHZ bought used 34-inch
    10. Dean Jeff Berlin Player (2010) bolt-on 34" active (used)
    11. Dean Performer Exotic Quilt Ash PBEQA 34" (2008) Elan-4TN pre-amp (used)
    12. Dean Stylist 32" scale Hollowbody Black Sparkle set (used)
    13. Dean European Select Edge Select Amber Burst (1999) Barts 34" NT active (used)
    14. Dean Vendetta (2008) Trans Amber (demo) Bolt on
    15. Dean Edge 1Q w/Edge 10 neck 35" (2010 neck) Quilt Maple Top Tiger Eye passive (used) Bolt on
    16. Dean Edge 4 5 string Fretless (2011) Amber Gloss 35" active (used) Bolt on
    17. Dean Rhapsody 4Q string active with EMG's Trans Blk Quilt 2003 34" bolt-on used
    18. Dean Hillsboro PJ 2013 bolt-on passive trans Brasilia 34" used
    19. Dean Edge Q4B 2006 active Barts Quilt Maple Tiger Eye bolt-on 34" used
    20. Dean USA Jeff Berlin Patchwork Signature 2012 34" Bartolini pups Badass Bass II Bridge bolt-on Grover used
    21. Dean Exhibition Faded Denim ABG w/Aphex 34" 4 string set neck used
    22. Dean Brian Bromberg Active 4 string bass 34" 2 Dean jazz style pups and piezo saddle pup neck thru used
    23. Dean European Select Edge Improv Flame Natural EMG-CS pups (1999) 34" active NT (used)
    24. Dean Hillsboro Eric Bass Signature Gold Metallic Active Humbucker bolt-on 201? used
    25. Dean EABC Acoustic Electric Bass with Spruce Top Mahogany Back and Sides and LC-5 Preamp 34" 2013 used
    26. Dean Performer Plus Quilt Maple 5 string 32" with Fishman Preamp 2003 used
    27. Dean Juggernaut jazz style bass 4 string Alder Black Maple FB Maple neck NOS 2015 bolt-on 34" Passive
    28. Dean USA Prototype HillsBoro J built by luthier Jon Hill for NAMM 2009 solid one piece Ash body, maple FB, Birdseye Maple neck, passive, Barts, one volume and 3-way switch used

    I have 6 Edge basses. 2 are Czech made, one is MIC and the other 3 are MIK
    1 is passive and the other 5 are active. 3 are Neck thru and the other 3 are bolt-on. 1 is fretless and the other 5 are fretted. 1 is 5 string and the other 5 are 4 string. 3 have Dean DMT pups, 1 has EMG-CS pups and 2 have Barts. 2 are 35" scale the other 4 are 34" scale. (Edge Pro, Edge 1Q, Edge 4QB, Edge Select, Edge Improv, Edge 4 five-string fretless) All two pups 1 passive with vol-vol-ton 2 active with vol-blend-treb-bass 3 active with vol-blend-treb-mid-bass

    Different models and different years can vary a bit without even getting into finishes and woods. For instance, the 2019 Edge Pro is no longer a neck thru, but was a neck thru every year prior from the first model.

    A lot of bang for the buck. If you can get an Edge 2 for $120 to $130 jump on it.
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  12. Sir, you win the prize for brand loyalty
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  13. My first Dean was an Edge 09 4 string that I bought in a pawn shop. Despite being made in China, It sounded great, had well dressed frets and was light in weight. It was the most comfortable bass I have ever played.:D I now have an Edge 1 5 string that I play in church. It is also very comfortable to play with well dressed frets and sounds great.:laugh: I would definitely go for an Edge 2. Put a nice set of chromes on it and be prepared for lots of compliments on how good it sounds. At $120, you will do very well. Go for it! :thumbsup:
    This is my pride and joy. It's a keeper!

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  14. B-Mac

    B-Mac Just like Aretha Sang... R-E-S-P-E-C-T Supporting Member

    Oh, I think they’re many more Fender brand loyalists here at TB than I with my Deans

    My Ibanez collection of 7 is a distant 2nd while my Gretsch collection of 4 is an even more distant 3rd and my Fender collection of 3 is way way way back in 4th
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