Dean Edge 6.....

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  1. I have a Dean Edge 6 string in Excelent condition for sale. It is Transparent Blue, EMG-HZ pickups, it has been well cared for, currently stryng with D'Addarrio EXL170-6 strings. I have added Schaller Strap locks to the bass, also one of the original tuners broke and was replaced with a tuner I had lying around, which required no modification but the bass at the moment has a chrome A string tuner while all the rest are black. Replacing this would not be a big deal, I'm just not in an image type of band so I didn't feel it necesary to do so.

    The retail on this bass is $500 most places (I have seen it once for $450). I am looking for $400 or best offer plus $20 shipping anywhere in the US.

    My email is
  2. I got a replacment black tuner for the bass yesterday which is now on there and it looks right again. Just figured I'd mention it incase anyone cares.