Dean Edge Bass Guitar, 10 with Active PJ Pickups, Classic White. Good Beginners Bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Kuroth, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Kuroth


    Dec 2, 2012
    Hi.. I was wondering about this one as a entry level beginners bass for myself.. A little confused as when I search here I find some older posts on a "Dean Edge 10" but its a 10 string..

    This one is 4 stings.. I have heard several experienced bass players say you cant got wrong with this one as a entry level..

    Anyone have one or know much about them?

  2. Bongolation


    Nov 9, 2001
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    I don't know anything about this specific model of the Edge, even country of origin. At the $319 MSRP, it's almost certainly China, and therefore it's of unpredictable QC and probably deficient. $200 is no great price, by Amazon standards. You can beat it if you're set on this thing. Amazon were selling them under $100 a while back.

    Some of the Edge bass models were very nice, but it depends on the contractor and features.

    For perspective, I picked up an Edge Q4 Bartolini from Amazon some time back. $999 MSRP Cor-Tek Korea build, US Bartolini pickups, EMG active tone controls. It was an absolutely flawless build and a remarkably nice bass, great ergonomics. l don't particularly like this type of bass, but it was a beauty. I paid $132 for it, new, shipped. :smug:

    Deans are OK, but don't pay real money for them. They have no resale value to speak of.