Dean Edge Custom 5 w/OHSC, $300

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    This is an excellent bass for a smaller-handed player who wants a versatile 5 with a solid B and a reasonable price tag. The neck is too small for my tastes, though, so it hasn't been played much since I got my new FBB.

    -35" scale 5-piece maple/walnut bolt-on neck with 24-fret wenge fingerboard
    -Alder body with quilted maple top
    -EMG-HZ soapbar pickups with 2-band active EQ
    -Quickload bridge, Grover tuners
    -Transparent black body finish, clear satin neck finish, black chrome hardware

    There is one ding on the edge of the lower bout, near the output jack, but it is nowhere near through the finish. I only took off the truss rod cover for easy access, because I tried about 10 different string brands on this bass before I settled on Fodera Diamonds (the best strings on the market) so the truss needed tweaking from time to time.

    TKL hardshell case included.
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    Peter, you have a PM.

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