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    I'm more of a guitarist, I was gonna play rhythm guitar, but my friend didn't have a bass player so now I'm doing that. Anyway, I didn't have a bass but the drummer has one he found in the garbage, a Dean Edge Q4. I like the bass, it's in good condition and his father checked/repaired the wiring but they don't know. The point of the post is that I can't find a straight answer as to whether it has active pickups or an active preamp? I've searched but if someone knows for sure or has actually opened one up I'd really like to know. Thank you
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    Here's an answer for you, but I do not know what year your Edge Q4 is so this may not be applicable.
    This is a page from a Dean 2007/2008 catalog:
    Dean_0708catalog 36.jpg

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    The Edge Q4 has an Active Pre Amp, but EMG HZ pups are passive.